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NYS Democratic Primary–Process and Politics

Second of two in a series about the NYS Federal Primaries for President, to be held on Tuesday, April 19 (Noon to 9 PM). The article about the Republican Primary was posted on March 28. The Process: New York Democrats … Continue reading

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NYS GOP Primary–Procedures and Politics

On April 19 we will have the  opportunity to have our voices effect the Presidential races in the New York State Federal Primary.  In an October article, NYS Presidential Primary Info, the NewNY23rd predicted: “By the time our primaries are held, there … Continue reading

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If You Play With Fire, You’ll Get Burned

Originally posted on Norbrook's Blog:
Over the past month and change, I’ve watched various factions within the Republican Party have a meltdown over Donald Trump’s success in the Republican primaries.  While he was once seen as a fringe candidate,…

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Reed’s Voting History on Job Killing Trade Bills

The following article is a Press Release  from the John Plumb for Congress campaign.    Reed’s flip-flops on trade is only for his own political survival   Jamestown, NY –Congressman Tom Reed is desperately trying to cover up his tracks on supporting past disastrous trade deals, including … Continue reading

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Plumb reacts to Reed’s meeting with Trump

News release from John Plumb’s Campaign for to represent the NY23rd Congressional District JAMESTOWN—Fourth generation Western New Yorker, Navy Reserve Commander, and Democratic candidate for Congress John Plumb today responded to news of a Washington, DC meeting between GOP Presidential … Continue reading

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Cook Report Changes NY-23rd to “Leans-Republican”

The highly respected “Cook Political Report” moved NY23rd’s Congressional Race from a “Likely Republican” outcome to a “Leaning Republican” outcome. This move was one of ten races that Cook changed in the Democrats’ Favor. Another race  that Cook changes was our … Continue reading

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Political one liners…

  I usually don’t send around email jokes, but I needed this after listening to cable news today. For your enjoyment, If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. ~Jay Leno~ The problem with political jokes … Continue reading

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How Effective is Tom Reed?

The InsideGov,com website is a treasure trove of information about all-things-US-government. It collects data from many on-line sources, organizes it in a user-friendly system, and often analyzes it to give a unique perspective. For example they researched congressional voting records and … Continue reading

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Incendiary Comments Incite

  A flammable brew of populist anger, a candidate’s provocative remarks and disruptive protesters found a fuse and the result was an explosion that continued to reverberate through the presidential campaign, reported the LA Times. With the caustic criticisms of … Continue reading

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Democrats running for Congress in NY-24

Steve Williams, a Democrat, is running for Congress in NY-24. He believes he has a good chance to win this office. Also competing for the Democratic nomination and a chance to challenge incumbent Republican John Katko are Colleen Deacon, a former … Continue reading

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