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Rep. Reed’s Changing Stance on Refugees

A chameleon is a lizard that has the ability to change color in order to survive. Political chameleons change their opinions or behavior according to the situation. Rep. Reed has changed his opinion on the issue of Syrian Refugees at least three times since the ISIS lead attacks on Paris … Continue reading

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Make Social Security a Key Issue in 2016

We don’t hear about Social Security very much in the chatter of presidential primary campaigning. Especially not from the Republicans. That is going to change as the campaigns move to the general election phase after the July National Conventions. Social … Continue reading

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We have a Contested NYS Senate Race!

Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, Yates and the western portion of Tompkins Counties make up the New York State Senatorial District #58. They have been represented by Republican Sen. Tom O’Mara since 2010 when the former Senator Winner surprisingly decided not to … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed continues to dismiss our military

The following article was written by Deb Meeker, a military mom, a resident of Newfield, NY (Tompkins County). Rep. Tom Reed has accelerated his propaganda out of desperation – but disparaging an honored active service member? On Rep. Reed’s “Tom Reed” campaign page  … Continue reading

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It’s time for a people powered revolution in Upstate New York

The following is an article from a NY 23rd resident who has requested to remain “anonymous”.  The article is a reaction to the announcement that Tompkins County’s Leslie Danks Burke will be running for State Senator for the 58th Senatorial … Continue reading

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GOP’s (& Rep Reed’s) opposition to Obama’s Actions to Reduce Gun Violence

On January 5 our President announced his Presidential Actions to reduce Gun Violence. Early that morning, before Obama detailed his Actions, NPR Radio Station WBFO from Buffalo posted Rep.Reed’s comments condemning them.  The WBFO article includes an audio clip of  Reed’s comments … Continue reading

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Thinking about our Veterans

Thea article was written and submitted to the New NY23rd by Cath Kestler, activist and resident of Silver Creek for 30 years. This was also published in Cath the Dunkirk Observer Today as her most recent bi-weekly column. We thank her for … Continue reading

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Tom Reed’s January political postcard

On his January political postcard, mailed at public expense, Tom makes the following claims of accomplishment Rami bill passed and funded. Temporary tax loopholes made permanent “No Child Left Behind” replaced with “Every Student Succeeds Act.” Supports making entry more … Continue reading

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My $17.40 Tax Bill

Originally posted on The Old Liberal:
This is the time of year when property taxes come due. I am not one of those tax complainers. I think we need reasonable taxes to provide a reasonable level of services. My attitude…

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Property Taxes by NY 23rd Counties

While researching for the Tax Cap article, I ran across the Reforming New York website.  It has an interactive map comparing the Median Property Tax, and Median Home Value for each county in New York State. It also compares the … Continue reading

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