Plumb Responds to Reed’s Attack

The following is challenger John Plumb’s response to Rep. Reed’s Internet ad that was the topic of the NY 23rd article “Rep. Reed Ignores John Plumb’s Military Service” 

Congressman Reed attacks John Plumb for his lifetime of service

JAMESTOWN, NY — Congressman Tom Reed recently displayed a new level of political desperation when he used the Thanksgiving Holiday as an opportunity to email around a video attacking his opponent, US Navy Reserve Commander John Plumb, for his lifetime of service to our nation.
In the Thanksgiving video, Reed questioned Plumb’s New York roots because of the time he’s spent outside the state in service to our nation in the U.S. Navy, on the National Security Council, and at the Pentagon. 
In response, John Plumb said “For over twenty years I have had the privilege to serve shoulder to shoulder with the best and bravest men and women in the world, and I won’t ever run away from that.  That’s not politics, that’s integrity. Our campaign is about finding real ways to solve the real problems facing our hard working families and our country, not political grandstanding.”
“I’ve served under Republican and Democratic Presidents — under the water, in the Middle East, in the Pentagon and on camothe National Security Council. Politics should stop when it comes to our National Security, but Congressman Reed doesn’t seem to understand that,” added Plumb.
The paid negative attack video is only the latest proof that Rep. Reed is clearly feeling pressure by John Plumb’s presence in the race. Throughout his career in Congress, Reed has been a loyal supporter of unfair trade deals – that is until he felt pressure to abruptly change positions given John Plumb’s persistent opposition to the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. And now, Reed released this video to distract from his record on jobs and his subsequent flip-flop on the issue. 
“Apparently my focus on how we can incentivize new investment in our region while ensuring we keep our existing industries at home strong has my opponent worried,” added John Plumb. “To be honest, the first time I saw his ad, I was disappointed. There are too many serious issues facing our district and country to waste voters’ time with these kind of childish attacks.”
John Plumb, a native of Randolph, NY (Cattaraugus County), joined the US Navy after graduating from Randolph Central High School—earning an ROTC scholarship to the University of Notre Dame. After his graduation in 1992, he earned a Master of Science in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder the following year and was commissioned as a submarine officer in the US Navy. Plumb has spent over twenty years in leadership roles in the Navy and Navy Reserves.
Or on his Campaign’s YouTube page here:

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10 Responses to Plumb Responds to Reed’s Attack

  1. josephurban says:

    Plumb had better realize very early that this campaign is going to be dirty. He cannot let a single falsehood by the Reed camp go unchallenged. If he thinks Afghanistan was dirty wait until he sees what Reed and his buddies are willing to do to win.
    His best defense is an offense. Bring up Reed’s record. And remind people that while he (Plumb) was serving his country, Reed was serving ALEC and himself.


  2. Deb Meeker says:

    John Plumb was being generous when he called this latest of Tom Reed’s attack ads “childish”. What the oblivious Tom Reed doesn’t understand is – with this ad he was discounting all who have served by ” being out of their districts” while defending our country.

    I sincerely hope Tom Reed keeps his present campaign manager and ad people. This is the second failed attempt to color John Plumb as “not one of us”. The first was actually laughable – if not outrageous – that Plumb was a “Washington Insider”, while Reed is just a down home country boy. Reed’s people missed that fact that Reed was hand picked for the Ways and Means Committee by the GOP leaders after only six months into his first term. A total Washington Insider himself, Reed’s people just exposed him as hypocritical and stupid.
    We needn’t ask want Reed promised to do in return for that prestigious Washington post – his voting record shows us.


  3. whungerford says:

    To some extent Tom Reed has already “framed the debate,” making it about John Plumb rather than about important legislative issues or Reed’s record of nonperformance.


  4. Anne says:

    I hope Plumb will apply whatever skills he has as a military strategist to his campaign. There’s still plenty of time–and many, oh so many reasons why–to put Reed on the defensive here.


  5. Deb Meeker says:

    I think Plumb just re-framed it, by calling out those tactics.


  6. whungerford says:

    Tom has gone low and negative in the past without losing, so I don’t think campaign tactics, however reprehensible, is a winning issue for John Plumb.


  7. Judi says:

    EXCELLENT response. No here in western NY as he was serving in military…ha get that one out…wish it were in a debate..thanks this is great


  8. Deb Meeker says:

    What if anything do you think would be wise campaign policy for John Plumb?
    Taking the high road? I believe that’s what he chose to do in the above response.


  9. pystew says:

    The original article was “boosted” on Facebook aimed at Veterans and has been “shared” 25 times as of this morning. That says volumes. I think the key is to keep framing the issue on Reed’s service to his corporate supporters and Plumb’s service to our country; especially in a time when the Congress is shrieking it’s military oversight responsibility and Plumb’s experience and leadership would be important to have in turning a “do-nothing” congress to a “do-something” congress.


  10. Deb Meeker says:



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