Why not Mitt?


Slow and steady wins the race. — Aesop

In spite of his perhaps ill-advised turn to the right, Mitt Romney didn’t do badly in 2012. Republicans seeking a viable candidate might do well to give him another chance:

  • Mitt is at least as well qualified as any of his rivals.
  • Mitt has been carefully vetted; any weaknesses are well known and long ago discounted. Surprises are unlikely.
  • Since Mitt would have little hope of winning the hearts of the far right, he wouldn’t need to seek their support. They would see no alternative but to stay home in any case.
  • Compared to many of his rivals, Mitt would be seen as a moderate.
  • Mitt has campaign experience, he might know better how to avoid mistakes this time.
  • Mitt has a proven ability to raise money.
  • Unlike some of his rivals, Mitt was born and raised a Republican. Republican party leaders should like that.

Political parties are sometimes unwilling to give a loosing candidate a second chance. Richard Nixon is one who succeeded on his second try; it could happen again.

Jeb Bush famously observed that a Republican might have to lose in the primaries to win the election. If Mitt were chosen by a deadlocked convention, he would go into the general election unscathed by nasty primary battles.


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5 Responses to Why not Mitt?

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    Why not Mitt?
    Has he changed his views and opinions on the “47%”, the auto industry bailout, or that the Affordable Care Act ( Romneycare) is a failure?


  2. whungerford says:

    It is in everyone’s interest for the GOP to nominate the best person possible because that person might be elected President. Whatever Mitt’s views these days on issues, he may be as good a choice as any of his rivals and much better than most of them. Republicans are said to be looking for someone with a chance to win; Mitt might come as close to that as any.


  3. josephurban says:

    I don’t think the political reality favors any candidate who is not now actively pursuing the nomination. He will not get the support of any of the “faithful” of the other candidates, except maybe Bush and Kasich. By the time the SC primary rolls around you will see only 3 or 4 (if not fewer) candidates left and the rest of the GOP will eventually gravitate to one of them.
    I do understand what you mean about Romney. Even HE looks like a giant when compared to the current field. But that is not because he has grown. At this point, however, barring a major stumble by Clinton , I do not see anyone in the GOP beating her.

    Back in January I posted a brief summary of why Mitt doesn’t scare me.


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  4. whungerford says:

    I have read that current GOP convention rules (they could be changed) make it difficult for a dark horse candidate to gain momentum. But would Republican Party leaders allow a rogue candidate, whom they judged unlikely to win, to be nominated? Could they prevent it?


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