Rep. Amash on the budget

political_parties_1_xlargeRep. Justin Amash (R-MI), a Freedom Caucus member, writes: today, the House Freedom Caucus issued the following statement:

The latest budget deal continues the sad pattern of the past five years: a fiscal monstrosity gets negotiated in secret with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi; the American people and their representatives get shut out of the process; and the bill is rushed through the House on short notice and without proper scrutiny or the ability to offer amendments. This deal is an affront to open, accountable, and limited government. It plunges our nation into debt to the tune of nearly $20 trillion, busts the spending caps enacted by Congress just a few years ago, perpetuates our looming entitlement crisis by pilfering money from Social Security, and contains budget and accounting gimmicks that are manifestly fraudulent. The House Freedom Caucus strongly opposes this deal and will vote against it on the House floor.

A fiscal monstorsity, really?

  • Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, as well as Boehner and McConnell, are elected officials, all representatives of the American people.
  • rushed thru the House–yes as is common enough; Congress couldn’t agree until the matter had become urgent.
  • without amendments–it would have done little good to allow the FC to submit amendments doomed to defeat, and time for that had been squandered.
  • affront to open, accountable and limited government–really? We know what was done, why it was done, and want our government funded.
  • plunges us into debt–hardly, we have had debt for decades without the predicted disaster.
  • busts spending caps–those were the caps that were imposed when Congress failed to agree on something more reasonable. They should have been busted long ago.
  • pilfers from Social Security–transferring money from the retirement account to the disability account isn’t pilfering.
  • contains accounting gimmicks–yes, a common practice.

The Freedom Caucus may vote NO as Rep. Amash suggests they will, but it will be of no consequence. It is more threatening to good government that the FC has reportedly been promised that new House misleaders will abide by the undemocratic Hastert rule. Rep. Amash should complain to his fellows about that.

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4 Responses to Rep. Amash on the budget

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    A big Amash Boo Hoo. I believe Rep. Amash is not waking up to the idea that the FC may be losing favor with the American people. If Rep Amash wants non-partisan politics, he could start by changing his own rhetoric.


  2. whungerford says:

    I don’t believe Rep. Amash seeks fair play for Democrats, but only more power for his faction. Unless Paul Ryan does a double-cross, they may get it. The budget wouldn’t have passed if Speaker Boehner had followed the Hastert rule as Ryan has promised to do.


  3. Deb Meeker says:

    Interesting that former Speaker Hastert’s influence will still be honored now that he has pleaded guilty to lying to federal prosecutors to protect his own hide. One would think the ” Hastert Rule” would quickly and quietly disappear from Republican vernacular and use.


  4. whungerford says:

    Sometimes they call it the “majority of the majority” rule.


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