Current Political Myths

aesopDoes anyone believe that a fox looking up at grapes once remarked that they must be sour? I doubt it; that story is a myth. We have much repeated political myths today that are equally silly. Did anyone really believe that the  House Select Committee on Benghazi wasn’t politically motivated? I doubt it; recent admissions by those who would know only confirm what was obvious. Here are some more such myths.

  • The NYS Safe Act is unconstitutional.
  • Businesses can’t afford to pay living wages.
  • Fracking would make NY-23 prosperous.
  • Laying off most government employees–small government–would boost the economy.
  • Attacks on Planned Parenthood aren’t politically motivated.
  • Republican economic ideas are good for business.
  • Many receiving disability benefits could and should find paying jobs.
  • If the social safety net were repealed, the unemployed would find work.
  • Our representatives aren’t corrupted by money in politics.
  • RAMI and similar initiatives will create a manufacturing renaissance in NY-23.
  • Needed investment in infrastructure can be financed without tax increases.
  • Republicans wanted economic recovery during the Obama Administration.
  • Illegal immigrants are a burden on the economy.

It would be easy to go on; what are your favorites.

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5 Responses to Current Political Myths

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    Privatizing Social Security would give people a better safety net in old age.
    Religion should play a defining role in government policy and law making.
    Defense spending should be the only area where ‘no cuts’ are sacrosanct.
    Social programs make people expect a handout all their lives.

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  2. josephurban says:

    The USA is a democracy.
    Illegal residents vote.
    Guns make citizens safer.
    Christians are persecuted.
    Republicans are fiscal conservatives.
    The US is a capitalist system.

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  3. whungerford says:

    In the area of voodoo economics, I could have included these myths:

    • The Federal Budget is no different than a family budget.
    • Tax cuts will increase revenue.
    • Tax cuts for the rich will ultimately benefit those not so rich.
    • Wages remain low, so stimulus measures had no effect.
  4. Barbara Griffin says:

    There is no Republican war on women.
    People on welfare are lazy.

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  5. pystew says:

    Regulations are hurting America.
    Obama never tried to work with Republicans.
    Approving an increase to the Debt Ceiling creates more spending.
    Climate change is a hoax.
    Reallocating Social Security monies between the Retirement Fund and the Disability Fund is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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