Justin Amash (R-MI) on the Speaker’s role

amashIn place of genuine reforms, Republican leaders inundate the public with meaningless show votes. These bills and amendments are often poorly drafted and not intended to become law, but rather to give representatives talking points to bash the other side in the media and in our districts.–Justin Amash

With the above statement, Rep. Amash confirms what some deny but many recognize–House rules aren’t fair or democratic. Amash has more to say on the role of the Speaker; read it here: https://www.facebook.com/repjustinamash/posts/959295097443230

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4 Responses to Justin Amash (R-MI) on the Speaker’s role

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    Amash’s description of how the US House could (and should) work is refreshing. I agree. However, Rep Amash offers no suggestions as to whom among those available, could pull off such a uniting feat under present circumstances. Does he seek the Speakership himself?

    Also, his phrasing is interesting here:
    “….all ideas can be heard and the will of the people — restrained by the Constitution and the sound judgment of each representative — can prevail.”
    It may be my own Liberal bias – but I think in terms of the Constitution “protecting”
    rather than “restraining” – ideas.


  2. I used to live in Amash’s district. He’s a tea party libertarian and often worked with that loud minority of the Republican party that so often confounds that party’s leadership. While what he says makes perfect sense, having read his Facebook rationalizations for his votes and his hits against the opposition party for anything it does while rationalizing his motives for doing the same thing, I don’t trust him. He’s a maverick in many ways. He lost committee assignments for working against his party leadership, and maybe his words above explain in part why. But Amash is among those in his party who support the draconian actions the tea party is famous for looking forward to enacting and accepting no compromise in seeking. Which is counter to much of what he says in the Facebook posting you link to above.


  3. whungerford says:

    Rep. Amash notes that close control of the House by the Republican leadership disenfranchises not only Democrats but minorities among Republicans as well. He also recognizes that a more democratic House would be less polarized–more able to agree on compromise legislation addressing issues rather than ignoring them. Perhaps he would prefer to have his say and lose than to be shut out of House proceedings by his own party’s misleaders from the start.


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