Rep. Reed’s fundraising

mr-moneybags-blankOn July 2, Tom Reed released a report on his first half fundraising to the press. On July 15, the day of the deadline, Tom filed his official second quarter report. Why would he wait? July 15 is the last day to file, but Tom evidently had the information at least by July 2. I believe he waited to give maximum exposure to his version of the report.

The FEC reports show about 500 Q1,2 contributors most of whom were not local (for Q2, 48 gave NY addresses other than NYC), and $485, 795 raised in the second quarter. The smallest contributions listed are two for $75 (one $50 contribution is listed for Q1, nothing smaller). Most of the “individual contributors” contributed on behalf of employers or organizations.

Here is a summary of the Q1 and Q2 reports:

Quarter Raised Spent Remaining
Q1 $313,817 $108,032 $291,669
Q2 $485,795 $224,562 $552,902
Total $799,612 $332,594

Here is a breakdown of the amounts received in Q2:

Amount (in 1000s) 0-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5
Number of Contributions 63 143 93 6 13

No contributor listed for Q2 gave less than $75–there were two of those; one was the smallest of several contributions from the Allegany County Republican Committee. There were other multiple contributions; for example, Stephen and Christine Schwarzman made four contributions of $2,700, Stephen is listed as an investment banker while Christine is listed as a homemaker, a billionaire homemaker. Six more large contributions were made by Schwarzman’s associates in The Blackstone Group.

According to the FEC summary, about 60% of Tom’s 2nd quarter contributions came from PACs.

This year Tom removed the link to his financial reports from his web page; one wonders why he did that.

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7 Responses to Rep. Reed’s fundraising

  1. Anne says:

    That Tom. Just folks.


  2. pystew says:

    80% of his individual contributors gave $1000 or more. He has spent 40% of his contributions.


  3. Deb Meeker says:

    It will be interesting to see where Reed gets the majority of contributions in the upcoming year.
    * Failed in getting the NYS SAFE Act repealed
    * Failed in getting hydraulic fracturing over New York; or affecting NYS’s ban on Fracking for his lease holding donors
    * Failed in prosecuting the IRS “scandal” (still no answers that were promised are forthcoming)
    *Failed in repealing the ACA
    *Failed in serving NY 23rd and the nation’s veterans (he voted against their benefits)
    * Failed in serving up any jobs programs that help the NY 23rd district
    * Failed by working against protecting SSDI insurance for Americans
    * Failed to help NY 23rd farmers with immigration issues
    * Failed to support The LGBT communities, including those who are veterans
    *Failed to support the diplomatic effort of the US and the G5+1 to keep Syria from developing nuclear weapons
    *Failed to support protecting US against the Keystone XL pipeline

    Who is left to donate to Reed other than those who applaud these failures?


  4. whungerford says:

    Here are some 2nd quarter heavyweights from “Influence Explorer:

    SA11ai Iacovangelo, Bernard J Rochester, NY 146245316 $2,700 2015-03-30 Faber Homes President
    SA11ai DeGeorge, Joseph R. Branchport, NY 144189528 $2,700 2015-03-02 St. Pauly Textile, Inc. President
    SA11ai DeGeorge, Joseph R. Branchport, NY 144189528 $2,700 2015-03-02 St. Pauly Textile, Inc. President
    SA11ai Fischer, Robert J. Pittsford, NY 145343803 $2,700 2015-03-06 Fischer Investment Group CEO
    SA11ai Fox, Richard C. Rochester, NY 146103367 $2,700 2015-03-20 Wendy’s Restaurants of Roc. President
    SA11ai Hatch, William O. Canisteo, NY 148239746 $2,700 2015-03-09 staffing and payroll solututions president
    SA11ai Houghton, Amory Jr. Corning, NY 148303111 $2,700 2015-03-12 self Retired
    SA11ai Irizarry, Steven Arlington, VA 222073812 $2,700 2015-03-31 Roberti+White Consultant
    SA11ai Isaac, Paul J New York, NY 100170061 $2,700 2015-03-27 Arbiter Partners Capital Man CEO Portfolio Manager
    SA11ai Joyce, Charles P Wellsville, NY 148950483 $2,700 2015-03-23 Otis Eastern President
    SA11ai Joyce, Charles P Wellsville, NY 148950483 $2,700 2015-03-23 Otis Eastern President
    SA11ai Reid, Paul D Lockport, NY 140946020 $2,700 2015-03-05 Reid Petroleum President
    SA11ai Rayburn, Floyd G Rushville, NY 145449754 $2,700 2015-03-09 Rayburn Masonry President
    SA11ai Judson, Thomas F Jr. Rochester, NY 146071007 $2,700 2015-03-23 Pike Company Chairman
    SA11ai Conklin, David Jamestown, NY 147014756 $2,700 2015-03-05 Jamestown Business College President
    SA11ai Seneca Nation Of Indians Salamanca, NY 147790231 $2,700 2015-03-31


  5. Deb Meeker says:

    Thanks. Sad to see Native Americans listed here.


  6. whungerford says:

    Can’t blame them for our pay-to-play political system. There are some individuals in the list who I believe are Democrats as well.


  7. Anne says:

    Just as an addendum…I posted the link to the article on Reed’s page, and asked about the discrepancies between what he said and what the FEC said…his response was to remove my post.

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