SCOTUS Prepares to Rule on Three Massive Cases: ObamaCare, Racial Disparate Impact, and Gay Rights

Summaries on what to expect this month from the Supreme Court.

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© Josh Sager – June 2015

In the coming two weeks, the Supreme Court will deliver three incredibly important rulings that could potentially have wide-ranging consequences for our nation. At best, they could set to rest judicial attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act, reaffirm anti-segregation protections, and establish the strongest constitutional protections for gays in the history of our country. At worst, they could throw millions of Americans off of their healthcare, fundamentally undermine racial anti-discrimination laws and facilitate anti-gay discrimination.


While we don’t know exactly when these rulings will be delivered (the SCOTUS keeps that information secret), they could be announced as early as tomorrow (6/18/15) at 10AM. If a decision is announced, it will be posted on ScotusBlog in real-time.

Unfortunately, given recent decisions by the Supreme Court (ex. essentially legalizing corruption with Citizens United, eviscerating the Voting Rights Act with Shelby County, etc.), there is a…

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1 Response to SCOTUS Prepares to Rule on Three Massive Cases: ObamaCare, Racial Disparate Impact, and Gay Rights

  1. whungerford says:

    The Supreme Court uphelded the Texas’. ban on Confederate flag license plates 5 to 4. Justice Thomas joined Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan in the majority


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