Supreme Court to Rule on an Obamacare Technicality this Month



Some time the month te Supreme Court will announce their ruling on an Obamacare technicality that could outlaw the health insurance policies of over  6 million Americans. The technicality revolves around tax credit subsidies. The law states that subsidies can be given to those who purchased their policies in a marketplace that was “established by the state,” not thru the federal marketplace. Thirty-four states decided to use the federal marketplace; not to create their own insurance marketplace. If the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare, those states would not be able to accept the federal subsidies. The good news for us is that New York is one of the 16 States (and the District of Columbia) that offers their own marketplace and will continue to offer the subsidies.

The Commonwealth Fund website has an interactive map that informs us how each state is affected by not providing their own marketplace. Half of the 6 million who would lose their health care come from 5 states–Florida (1.3 million), Texas (832,000), North Carolina (458,000), Georgia (412,000), and Pennsylvania (348,000).

 Some States are working on backup plans  to protect their residents from losing their insurance. 

The case for not overturning Obamacare stems from the fact that the whole premise of the legislation was to offer affordable health care to the whole country, not only one-third of the states. 

After voting at least 60 times to defund Obamacare, the Republicans are worried  that if the Court strikes down Obamacare down the public will blame them. They report that they have 5 or 6 plans that will replace Obamacare, but the details of the plans are sketchy at best. Maybe Rep. Reed would be able to explain why they have 5 plans when they only need one.

Of course, if the court overturns Obamacare, Congress could go back and simply amend the law to have the words of the law aligns with the spirit of the law. 🙂

The Yahoo News article, ” King v. Burwell: How one Supreme Court case could unravel Obamacare” explains both sides of the case well, and what would happen if the law is overturned.

The letter to President Obama above shows the importance of this law for the “people at the bottom of the ladder.”

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