Fracking may be banned, but the work is not done!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.–Margaret Mead

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Dear Colleague,

More than 65% of the citizenry praised New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’€™s action last December when he moved to settle the longstanding debate over hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in New York State by issuing an all-out ban on the destructive gas-extraction method.  The attached information lists municipalities and organizations where a proactive home-rule position was taken that influenced the decision that was reached.  Though this review is comprehensive, it may not include a few communities where action was contemplated or had taken place.

As of March 2nd 2015, the NYSDEC has not released their findings in studying the “health impacts and/or the science behind the governor’s announcement, and no official ordinance(s) have been promulgated. However, every good faith indication is that the announcement is tantamount to the decision being a fait accompli, as legislative action will be formalized in the spring of 2015.

Despite the fact that HVHF drilling has been prohibited for health and safety reasons in the Empire State, the storage, transport and deposit of radioactive and/or toxic waste and infrastructure (i.e. pipelines) have not been restricted.  The NYSDEC still supports the use of frack brine on the roads for ice and dust control.  Therefore it behooves those municipalities who have moratoria in place or who wish to protect the health, welfare and safety of their citizens and guests to enact zoning ordinances to prohibit the activities of energy companies who both use and still plan to utilize NYS landfills for the deposit of toxic waste (manufactured water and drill cuttings) use and abuse (frack brine) of the roadways for transport, and utilize inactive well and salt caverns for storage of LP gas.

On the same day that Governor Cuomo announced his prohibition of HVHF drilling in NYS, Penfield held a scheduled an open meeting to receive comments from residents on changing their moratorium to a prohibition/ban.  The following week, the ban was enacted. The law also prohibited the disposal of gas and petroleum extraction wastes within the town, including disposing waste water in injection wells and spreading well brine on Penfield’s roads.  I strongly urge you to follow their example.

Sincere Best wishes,


Joseph Hoff, Chairman

Keuka Citizens Against Hydrofracking


On a personal note,  five+ years ago I made a six month€ commitment to study the issues surrounding HVHF drilling and its appurtenant activities.  During that time the modest bans and moratoria listing I began has grown from 2 pages of data to 26.  This modest compilation has been a featured offering on 80+ websites in 45 states and is used throughout North America, Europe and Africa.  Going œviral€ can be good stuff!  Work on committees in our two communities resulted in bans in both and support for an area-wide moratorium (with substantive zoning ordinances) in all but one community in the Keuka Lake region.  Yet there is more to do.  The Committee of Towns (we are ready and willing to share our experience and grass-roots successes with you) invites you to contact us ( to see how we may help you to protect the health, welfare and safety of your neighbors and communities.

3-2-15 BansMoratoriaStatementsRevision

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9 Responses to Fracking may be banned, but the work is not done!

  1. BOB McGILL says:

    HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! “Despite the fact that HVHF drilling has been prohibited for health and safety reasons in the Empire State, the storage, transport and deposit of radioactive and/or toxic waste and infrastructure (i.e. pipelines) have not been restricted. “. Some people are just plain THICK. Gas drilling is still going and when first drilled the wells produce gas without fracking. When the corrupt democratic governor finally gets voted out the gas companies will just go in and frack the wells. That is why there is no ban the waste. 🙂


  2. BOB McGILL says:

    I know this may be a little over your head, OK, WAY OVER YOUR HEAD, but‎
    Map of Post Glacial Rebound effects upon the land-level of the British Isles. ….
    impacts of global warming-triggered rebound may be more volcanic activity in …
    In Finland, the “new land” is legally the property of the owner of the water area,
    not …. As Alaska Glaciers Melt, It’s Land That’s Rising May 17, 2009 New York
    Times …


  3. John Hunter says:

    Your work is commendable, but the proposed TPP treaty will negate every government’s ability to ban fracking. this needs to be addressed too


  4. BOB McGILL says:

    OR, NATURAL FRACKING– ” During the last glacial period, much of northern Europe, Asia, North America, Greenland and Antarctica were covered by ice sheets. The ice was as thick as three kilometres during the last glacial maximum about 20,000 years ago. The enormous weight of this ice caused the surface of the Earth’s crust to deform and warp downward, forcing the viscoelastic mantle material to flow away from the loaded region. At the end of each glacial period when the glaciers retreated, the removal of the weight from the depressed land led to slow (and still ongoing) uplift or rebound of the land and the return flow of mantle material back under the deglaciated area. Due to the extreme viscosity of the mantle, it will take many thousands of years for the land to reach an equilibrium level.
    Recently, the term post-glacial rebound is gradually being replaced by the term glacial isostatic adjustment. This is in recognition that the response of the Earth to glacial loading and unloading is not limited to the upward rebound movement, but also involves downward land movement, horizontal crustal motion,[1][2] changes in global sea levels,[3] the Earth’s gravity field,[4] induced earthquakes [5] and changes in the rotational motion.[6] An alternate term that is sometimes used is glacial isostasy, because the uplift near the centre of rebound is due to the tendency towards the restoration of isostatic equilibrium (as in the case of isostasy of mountains). Unfortunately, that term gives the wrong impression that isostatic equilibrium is somehow reached, so by appending “adjustment” at the end, the motion of restoration is emphasized ”
    DID YOU GET THE SEA LEVEL RISE ? as the land rises it displaces water causing the sea level to rise else where.


  5. BOB McGILL says:

    World leaders know that developing countries need cheap energy and fossil fuels are the answer right now, otherwise we’ll have to feed them.


  6. whungerford says:

    John, are you sure that the proposed TPP treaty will negate every government’s ability to ban fracking? How do you know that?


  7. whungerford says:

    Opponents seem to fear that TPP is much like Tom”s “Defense of Property” bill, but is it? If I choose to believe the fearful speculation, I must conclude that the Obama Administration has gone nuts, and that, for me, is a stretch.


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