Evolving politics

boehner pelosiReportedly Senator Ted Cruz will run for President as an unabashed conservative, presenting himself as an alternative to the “mushy middle.” However, Jeb Bush, who famously said he might have to lose the primary to win the election, recognizes that national elections are won by the party that claims the high ground in the middle.

Cruz’s campaign plan is at odds with Republican Party leadership which increasingly has moved toward the center marginalizing the extreme right faction of the party. Cruz, like Barry Goldwater, might win the Republican nomination only to lose the election.

Congress has increasingly joined with Democrats to pass legislation that Republican leaders consider necessary overriding demands from the extreme right that they hang tough on principle. Here are some examples:

  • NDAA–National Defense Authorization Act of 2015
  • CRomnibus budget bill
  • DHS funding
  • Doc fix

One easily sees why–with Republicans claiming “we can lead,” deadlock leading to government shutdown might nix Republican chances in 2016.

It will be interesting to see which issues are solved by compromise. Here are some future challenges for the GOP leadership.

  • Education Reform Bill
  • Export Import Bank
  • TPP Fast Track
  • 2016 Budget

Education reform has been tabled; evidently it wasn’t considered essential. Reauthorization of the Export Import Bank might be handled with a Republican compromise on a temporary extension. TPP might be in trouble even with Democratic support. Finally, the budget can’t be ignored; almost certainly a compromise with Democrats will be necessary.

Expect Rep. Reed to vote with the leadership, possibly after casting some non-critical votes to appease the far right.

© William Hungerford – March 2015




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2 Responses to Evolving politics

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    The Republican leadership is foolish. If in fact they ignored their far right base, compromised with the other side of the aisle, and passed needed reforms in education, immigration, and infrastructure bills, come 2016, they could sit back and say: “See we told you things would improve with us at the helm”. If accomplished, the GOP could have a better chance to continue their majority by holding on to enough base, plus pick up millions more votes from politically moderate Americans watching their lives improve.
    But – presently, ideology and oligarchs rule.


  2. whungerford says:

    Mistaken or opportunistic perhaps, but not foolish. Doubtless their best judgement suggests they balance the need to move to the center with the need to retain as many votes as possible on the right.


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