Koch brothers only seek to make America better for all Americans

c kochThe Koch brothers, Charles and David, only seek to make America better for all Americans; who knew?

  • The Kochs made their billions by growing their business–that’s real wealth creation, jobs for people and products people want.
  • The Kochs oppose government subsidies even for their own company.
  • The Kochs don’t oppose environmental regulations, they just think current regulations go too far.
  • The Kochs don’t oppose Social Security, they just want to save it from going broke
  • They are pro-immigration, anti-drug war, they want less defense spending.
  • They want fewer people in jail.
  • The Koch’s message is that government should spend less and get out of the way.

So who are the bad guys? That would be labor unions. Maybe you thought unions promoted the interest of workers, workplace safety, fair wages–that’s wrong. This is what they do:

  • Promote economic ignorance.
  • Favor rigid hiring rules, limits on firing lazy workers, “buy American” campaigns, and taxes on imports.
  • Push inefficiency.

Unions spend big money promoting the interests of millions of workers, so it is only fair that the Kochs spend to counter their ignorant views in the public interest. Why do the Kochs endow faculty chairs on condition that their ideas are studied and taught? Obviously, liberal faculty, unless paid off, would suppress honest teaching of biology, economics, history, and earth science. Why do the Koch’s support politicians who favor small government, and repeal of environmental regulations? Why, in the public interest, of course.

If you don’t believe, you must be a liberal–possibly an extreme Ithaca liberal–sure to be wrong on every question.

© William Hungerford – March 2015








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1 Response to Koch brothers only seek to make America better for all Americans

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    What largess! What Princes! How Stossel-esque.

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