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The following was written by Jim Carr, Chair of the Chemung County Democratic Committee Ethics reform is a hot topic in Albany, yet our local legislators have not expressed publicly their positions.  The key local player is Senator Tom O’Mara.  … Continue reading

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USA Voting Laws are A-Changing

We are witnessing political confusion. We see states deal with changing the very essence of Democracy—the election process, primaries or caucuses, year and a half political campaigns, changing rules on political funding, new voting machines and new rules about who can vote. … Continue reading

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You balance your budget and live within your means. Washington should do the same. The House GOP budget balances in less than 10 years without raising or creating taxes.–Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) Furthermore, this budget relies on a host of smoke … Continue reading

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Legal Problems with Rep. Reed’s “Property Rights Act”

Author Leslie Danks Burke is an attorney. She was a candidate for U.S. Congress in New York’s 23rd district in 2012. “When government gets out of its rightful lane, people get hurt,” writes Congressman Tom Reed in a March 23 … Continue reading

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Rep. Amash, a fiscal conservative, on the budget

“I would rather keep all the levels (of spending) lower and stick to the sequester. But there are people in leadership who live outside of reality and want to increase things that Republicans like and pretend Democrats don’t exist.–Rep. Amash … Continue reading

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Term Limits

The cornerstone of new ethics reform should be term limits on all State elected officials.–Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss Gibson (R-NY-19) long ago pledged to serve no more than eight years in the House. Tuesday’s announcement that he won’t run … Continue reading

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Fracking may be banned, but the work is not done!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.–Margaret Mead Read more at Brainy Dear Colleague, More than 65% of the citizenry praised New York Gov. … Continue reading

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Tom Reed for Governor?

I am calling on Gov. Cuomo to reverse his ill-conceived fracking ban that infringes on constitutionally protected property rights. If the Obama administration and even California Gov. Jerry Brown can side with farmers and landowners, now is the time to … Continue reading

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Negotiations: Iran and Trans-Pacific-Partnership

At Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Meeting at Atlanta (Steuben County) on March 15 the following question was asked: What did you learn by going to Netanyahu’s message to congress, and do you agree with the forty-seven Senators  who undermined our … Continue reading

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Evolving politics

Reportedly Senator Ted Cruz will run for President as an unabashed conservative, presenting himself as an alternative to the “mushy middle.” However, Jeb Bush, who famously said he might have to lose the primary to win the election, recognizes that … Continue reading

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