Working with Tom Reed

reed at foodbankWe are happy to work with all of our elected officials regardless of their political affiliations to help feed the 1 in 4 Southern Tier residents who rely on our services. —Food Bank of the Southern Tier

The Food Bank, acting in the narrow interest of their clients, gave Tom Reed a platform for his political views. They may have compromised their integrity leaving some supporters disgruntled, but Reed’s bill, H.R. 644, which they favored, passed the House.

The AARP turned out in numbers at Tom’s meeting in the Town of Elmira. They sat quietly demonstrating with their presence. Their spokesperson addressed Tom with respect. They were rewarded with a private meeting with Tom. I believe their method is to work with Tom to get what they can. Will they soon have something to show for their efforts and patience?

WE town hall 2015 aarp

Those whom Tom identifies as political enemies get little or nothing.

What position, for example, should advocates for the disabled take?

  • Counter Tom’s view that SSDI is marked by fraud and abuse.
  • Dispute Tom’s view that SSDI is only for the catastrophically disabled.
  • Refute Tom’s view that government spends too much on SSDI and other programs.
  • Recognize what truth there is in Tom’s view of SSDI, attempting to limit the damage.
  • Exploit this issue to oust Tom in 2016.
  • Avoid the issue counting on a Presidential veto.

It may not be easy for those who see Tom as corrupt to take his views seriously, to not see him as a political enemy, to treat him with respect, but these might be necessary parts of a plan that could bear fruit.

© William Hungerford – February 2015



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66 Responses to Working with Tom Reed

  1. Anne says:

    Are you referencing the Meals on Wheels program? Thank a liberal!


  2. Never mind, their story line is concocted to arouse anti-government resentment among people who are themselves strapped for income. This way, they believe they will get support to eliminate the whole program. Less than 1% of SSDI is found fraudulent by the Inspector General. This is the pattern of attack that they use with every program the GOP wants to eliminate. (Aka Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, unemployment benefits, public assistance in any form). Connect the dots. They failed to focus on the fraud of Big Banks and the ever squeaky clean Private defense contracts.


  3. He is a big boy and surely can take care of himself.


  4. BOB McGILL says:

    ” The agency has designated around 85 percent of its workers, or about 200,000 people, as being ‘exempt’ from a forced furlough given they work in areas that are vital to security or are funded by sources unrelated to the congressionally-approved budget, Reuters reported “


  5. BOB McGILL says:

    ” The agency has designated around 85 percent of its workers, or about 200,000 people, as being ‘exempt’ from a forced furlough given they work in areas that are vital to security or are funded by sources unrelated to the congressionally-approved budget, Reuters reported ”
    please read it SLOWLY, WITH BOTH EYES if you still have a problem have someone read it for you 🙂


  6. BOB McGILL says:

    you forgot this part ” As is clear, Obama unequivocally has the worst economic performance of any president since (and including) Kennedy, coming in last on each and every single indicator with the sole exception of the unemployment rate — for which Obama is second-worst behind the Nixon-Ford administrations.”

    Read more:
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  7. BOB McGILL says:

    is the war in Iraq over ?


  8. BOB McGILL says:

    they also said,
    When faced with an issue they do not care to discuss the Obama administration is doing what any adolescent would do — change the subject. With the usual co-operation of the mindless mainstream media, the Obama administration is doing all it can to shift attention and obfuscate its economic track record. Thus, in reaction to the uproar over the recent unconstitutional ObamaCare abortion pill, sterilization and contraceptive mandate, they are promoting the inane notion that the Republicans are determined to deny women access to contraceptives.

    This threadbare ploy is an absurd plot to portray conservatives as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals out to kidnap women and force them back to the evil days of the Dark Ages. It is not just the abject silliness of this contention, but that these so-called best and the brightest actually think this gambit will bear fruit among the women of America, whom they perceive must be really stupid and gullible. So, who are the sexists? ”

    Read more:
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  9. whungerford says:

    Right-leaners see their ideas as reasonable and consistent. They would free individuals from dependence on government programs and free businesses from taxes and regulations. However they fail to address the consequences–hardship from lack of a social safety net and chaos from unregulated business run by what TR called “malefactors of great wealth.” They focus on what they call liberty but ignore justice for all.


  10. BOB McGILL says:…/beyond-the-welfare-state‎

    ” The welfare state has turned out to be unaffordable, dependent as it is upon dubious economics and the demographic model of a bygone era. Sustaining existing programs of social insurance, let alone continuing to build new ones on the social-democratic model, has become increasingly difficult in recent years, and projections for the coming decades paint an impossibly grim and baleful picture. There is simply no way that Europe, Japan, or America can actually go where the economists’ long-term charts now point — to debts that utterly overwhelm their productive capacities, governments that do almost nothing but support the elderly, and economies with no room for dynamism, for growth, or for youth. Some change must come, and so it will. “


  11. whungerford says:

    Thank you, Bob; you found an interesting article. Author Yuval Levin has a grand vision for a conservative utopia–a thriving free society with a market economy, strong families, a devotion to country, and a commitment to the value of every life which he says can be obtained gradually, by a mix of persuasion and proof. One reads plenty of idealistic persuasion in Levin’s article, but there is a lack of proof. The excerpt you selected is a good example of unsupported allegations.


  12. BOB McGILL says:

    you gotta be kidding, you of all people have the nerve to say there is a lack of proof and unsupported allegations. WHAT A JOKE ! TALK ABOUT A DOUBLE STANDARD


  13. whungerford says:

    Levin wrote The welfare state has turned out to be unaffordable. What is the evidence in support of that? Levin gives none.


  14. BOB McGILL says:



  15. whungerford says:

    Bob, you have given no proof that even those countries are “welfare states,” let alone that they can’t afford to provide for their people.


  16. BOB McGILL says:

    I don’t need proof, it’s all over the internet. gotta go, life is waiting, thanks for the entertainment 😛


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