Marco Rubio on the State of the Union

rubio“That taxing successful people, over-regulating job creators and pouring money into outdated government programs doesn’t actually help struggling people.”–Marco Rubio

What can Rubio mean? Does he favor an America with a few successful people deserving government support and a much larger number of less successful people who should be left out?

How would low taxes for successful people help the economy? Who would pay necessary taxes if successful people weren’t taxed?

How do we over regulate job creators? Many regulations Republicans find objectionable protect the environment. Does Rubio mean that would-be polluters are job creators? Would free rein for polluters mean jobs or just more profit from pollution?

Which outdated programs don’t help struggling people? Social Security, SSDI, SNAP, CDC? What can he mean?

© William Hungerford – January 2015

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9 Responses to Marco Rubio on the State of the Union

  1. Anne says:

    Even more confusing–I thought–was the R’s response via Joni Ernst (Andy Borowitz had reported that this would be simulcast in English, but I’m not so sure)–when and how did that become not about the President’s proposals, but about me me me!–with my sweaty face, my dirty hands, and my plastic bag feet? Beyond being a complete non sequitur, I thought the subtext (and if you listen carefully, you hear this a lot in speeches and comments from the far right) was interesting: there’s nothing wrong with not having enough, so get used to it, peoples, and be proud of it!


  2. Deb Meeker says:

    A possible translation:
    “That taxing [my] successful overlords, regulating billionaire’s corporations, and pouring money into programs that make voters strong, doesn’t actually help struggling Republican politicians. And, I want to be President so very badly.”


  3. Anne says:

    Nicely done, Deb! Did you install a GOP-to-English translating tool?

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  4. whungerford says:

    We (Republicans) have anti-poverty initiatives, tax reform that works for working families, innovative new models of higher education, and a number of other solutions that will create jobs and improve our economy.–Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)
    Who knew? I wonder what they are.


  5. Anne says:

    …along with their spiffy new program to replace Obamacare.


  6. solodm says:

    Had lots of practice deciphering one Tom Reed.


  7. josephurban says:

    I did notice that “Smilin’ Joni” was adamant in the GOP support for working people. She opposed the tax system with all the loopholes and wanted to give tax breaks to the middle class. She bemoaned the fact that wages have not kept pace with inflation. I thought she was channeling Mr Obama for a minute. So, what are the odds. Both the POTUS and the GOP want tax breaks for working people. So, write a bill and pass tax breaks for working people and the POTUS will sign it. Both the GOP and the POTUS want to eliminate all those “loopholes”. So, write a bill eliminating loopholes for the oil, gas and military industries. For mega agribusiness. The POTUS will sign it. Write a bill raising the minimum wage and tying it to inflation. The POTUS will sign it. Do the things they agree on. Does anyone really think the GOP will pass any such legislation? They have the power to do so.


  8. whungerford says:

    Didn’t Joni call for a balanced budget? What could they offer voters in 2016, austerity with tax cuts for the rich?


  9. Anne says:

    Well, less for us, more for them *is* a sort of balance, isn’t it?


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