Are these callers familiar?

  • Hello Seniors…
  • This is Rachel from Credit Card Services…

These calls are from criminals; don’t be fooled. Even if caller ID shows a local number, such calls probably originate in a foreign country. Here is what the FTC has to say:

Consumers are getting more robocalls than ever. Technology is the reason: Companies are using autodialers that can send out thousands of phone calls every minute for an incredibly low cost.  

Using its enforcement authority, the FTC has stopped companies responsible for billions of illegal robocalls that have offered fraudulent credit card services, so-called auto warranty protection plans, medical discount cards, and grant procurement programs.

Telemarketing sales calls with recorded messages are generally illegal unless you have given the company written permission to call you.

You didn’t give them permission, did you? Here is the FTC’s advice:

  • On Do Not Call list & getting robocalls you don’t want? Hang up. Pressing any number can lead to more calls.

Never give a caller your SS number, credit card number, bank account number or birthdate; any of these can be used to rob you.

© William Hungerford – January 2015

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9 Responses to Robocalls

  1. josephurban says:

    I take a different approach. The no-call list is not enforced. No matter what you do they call. If I am in the mood I answer the call and carry on as long a conversation as I can without giving out any personal information. I make them repeat themselves (old folks are hard of hearing) and ask them all kinds of questions (I just have trouble understanding things). I always ask them to send me information in the mail so I can read it before I decide. Ask for their mailing address . (Which they never have). I have even had these folks use obscene language towards me because they became so frustrated. (i tend to have that effect on people). I realize that many people don’t have the time or desire to do so, but I like playing with these conmen. I figure that every minute they are on the phone with me is one less minute they have to con someone else.


  2. whungerford says:

    Not a recommended practice–according to the FTC this may win you more such calls.


  3. josephurban says:

    According to the FTC they have to stop calling me when I am on the No-Call list. But that has never happened. The FTC is a toothless organization, either by design or by accident. They will continue to call using Robocalls no matter what you do or threaten to do. That is just the way it it.


  4. Norbrook says:

    I’ve gotten to the stage where if there isn’t a voice on the other end of the line right away, I hang up. Which seems to be happening an awful lot recently, and yes, I’m sure I’m missing some political action messages by doing so.

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  5. whungerford says:

    The pause after Hello is a tell-tale sign of a recording. I don’t think one will often go wrong by hanging-up then. However, sometimes its a reminder of an appointment with a doctor.


  6. Deb Meeker says:

    Or garbage pick up delay.. But your message is timely, William, quite a few calls of this type have been hung up on by me lately.


  7. whungerford says:

    Today it was my friend Scott from Account Services who called. I don’t recall having any business with Scott or his company, but no matter. Doubtless Scott only wished to help me with a problem I didn’t know I had. Thanks, Scott.


  8. Anne says:

    Years ago when the DNC list first came out, I couldn’t believe how well it worked and that any gov’t agency could be as effective as it was. And, in fact, I even had an unauthorized call once that I reported, and someone from the agency called me back and the whole thing was pursued. But, with the advent of computer dialing, overseas call centers and all the rest of it, it’s become impossible for them to enforce or even keep up with the problem any more. A year or so back, in fact, they were offering a pretty sizeable prize to any computer whiz who could come up with something that could beat these guys at their own game. I don’t know what, if anything, ever came of that.


  9. josephurban says:

    I presume Scott was just anticipating your future needs!

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