Tom Reed explains his CRomnibus vote

cromnibus 2014This is the time for us to unite, not divide, because we are on the right path.–Tom Reed

Tom Reed explains his vote giving, as usual, only one side of the story. Further what he approves, is petty, mean spirited, undesirable. As for number 4 below, the deficit is shrinking as expected as the economy recovers more than for any other reason. Reed might as well take credit for the sun shining.

  1. It includes no funding for the executive order on immigration that I will continue to strongly oppose.
  2. It eliminates funding for the Common Core education standards, significantly curtailing their implementation. 
  3. It provides no new funding for the Affordable Care Act and eliminated funding for the ‘risk corridor’ subsidy that the law relies on to reimburse insurance companies and further cuts funding to the Independent Payment Advisory Board.
  4. It reduces the deficit to its lowest level since I took office by reigning in federal spending. 
  5. It prohibits funding for the UN Small Arms treaty, protecting our Second Amendment rights.
  6. It rolls back overreach in the EPA by reducing their bureaucracies funding and staff to its lowest level in five years and prevents the implementation of burdensome new navigable water standards that would allow the EPA to regulate drainage ditches and farm ponds as navigable waters at significant cost to taxpayers and land owners.
  7. It reduces funding for the IRS, reduces their ability to implement the Affordable Care Act and sends a message that targeting of political groups by any branch of our federal government will not be tolerated.

Tom doesn’t mention funding for war, which would seem to deserve debate. He doesn’t mention Dodd-Frank and crony capitalism. He doesn’t mention funding for high speed rail even though he had his picture taken examining rail cars being assembled at CAF in Elmira. His words imply he opposes justice for the undocumented, high standards for education, affordable health care, regulation of the international weapons trade, protection of the environment, and effective administration of income tax law.

I agree that funding the government is necessary and desirable, but this wasn’t the way to do it. Passing a budget loaded with controversial, undesirable measures without time for debate or amendment is no way to unite Americans.

© William Hungerford – December 2014


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5 Responses to Tom Reed explains his CRomnibus vote

  1. Anne says:

    Tom Reed: weapons-grade jackass.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deb Meeker says:

    How can we roll back, reduce, eliminate, and prohibit Tom Reed? He’s certainly riding high on himself right now.


  3. pystew says:

    When he says “This is the time for us to unite” in the article’s quote, he is meaning the Republican Party. I was able to attend the Town of Seneca Town Hall meeting on Saturday, and his theme seemed to me (probably the only democrat in the crowd of 20) “US vs Them”–and I was a “Them”. He did mention “Dodd-Frank” at that Town Hall. Article coming soon.


  4. solodm says:

    So glad you went, and will be telling us more.


  5. whungerford says:

    I’m disappointed that I misunderstood “unite us.” Since the budget was a compromise with Democrats, which could not have passed without Democrats’ votes, I had hoped for more bipartisan cooperation in the future. The quote was from an e-mail that I assume was sent to many. Could it be that Tom gave the positive sounding phrase a narrow meaning specifically for his audience at Stanley?


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