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Rep. Reed’s 2015 Agenda

The Hornell Evening News, in their December 10 issue, had an article about Rep. Tom Reed’s 2015 “Agenda”—what he wants to focus his efforts on to benefit his constituents in the NY 23rd. His four items on his agenda are: Social Security … Continue reading

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Write On: NY’s fracking wars continue

This commentary was written by Michael J. Fitzgerald, who has been a magazine and newspaper journalist for nearly 40 years. He lives around Seneca Lake and writes a weekly column which is published in the Finger Lakes Times on Fridays. Fitzgerald is … Continue reading

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Disparaging government

I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.–attributed to Ronald Reagan Recent years have seen a wide-ranging attack on government–Federal, State, and local. The main justification is a platitude–the smaller the better. We are told: Government is ineffectual, blundering, … Continue reading

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Tom Reed on taxes

The tax code is broken. It is a burden to taxpayers who must comply with over 70,000 pages of provisions and regulations. Each year, families and small businesses find themselves collectively spending more than six billion hours and $160 billion … Continue reading

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Year end poll 2014


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Tom Reed’s six bills

Congressman Tom Reed’s year-end press release notes the six bills he introduced which became law in 2014. “Our 2014 legislative accomplishments reflect the positive ways we care for our district,” Reed observed. “In a time of hyper-partisanship, it’s only fair that … Continue reading

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“Political” Twilight Zones in the SY-FY Marathon

Before he created the Twilight Zone, Rod Serling was a major contributor to early television dramas. He wrote television scripts that were broadcasted on drama/anthology television series such as Playhouse 90 and Kraft Television Theater. His popular dramas explored social and … Continue reading

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