Rep. Amash’s fans lobby him on facebook

impeachRep. Amash’s fans speak; you can’t make this stuff up.

  1. What are your ideas on proceeding against Obama’s amnesty play?
  2. Don’t let Obama win. He is out of control. We the people voted for you because we know you will do the right thing. He is breaking the laws of this great nation and he needs to be stopped.
  3. Tonight the Constitution gets ripped to shreds by that SOB in the White House. I hope you guys have a plan that includes impeachment.
  4. What I wrote on Mitch McConnel’s post: Mr. McConnel, FIGHT, or be complicit in the president’s lawlessness!!!
  5. Rand Paul voted with the statist reactionaries. (Duh.)
  6. The GOP needs to announce before the president goes on air that you all plan to IMPEACH HIM. Sorry but he is not above the law.
  7. If Obama does this, there better not be one single member of Congress who does not move to impeach him. If you do not, we will mount a recall to extract YOU people from Congress for failure to do your jobs.
  8. It’s time for action. No more B.S. No more wining and wringing your hands. Impeachment time.
  9. stop obama…..! we don’t even have enough jobs for our own countrymen…. Man up,…. do your job.

Rep. Amash, like Rep. Reed, allows others to post on his facebook page, but seldom replies. Perhaps both representatives feel that it lets people who are frustrated with Congress let off steam.



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8 Responses to Rep. Amash’s fans lobby him on facebook

  1. solodm says:

    Somehow ( and perhaps I’m wrong ), it seems like all of the above comments from Rep. Amash’s followers are just venting and empty threats. I have seen on Amash’s page where when a person posts questions, he or his staff do answer. The majority of posts from normal people on Tom Reed’s pages are about real issues, threatless, and also not answered.


  2. solodm says:

    Maybe the difference is – it appears Amash doesn’t appear to lie through his teeth. He takes a stand and explains it.


  3. whungerford says:

    I believe Rep. Amash will sometimes respond to a direct question; Rep. Reed has sometimes done that as well.


  4. I once lived in Amash’s district. It’s a diverse district but it also has a nest of avid tea partiers, being most of those who read and respond to his Facebook page.

    When Amash “explains” his votes, he often is rationalizing his votes rather than honestly explaining them. If he makes a vote for a purely political reason, he explains it away but will have attributed it to partisanship if Democrats had made a similar vote decisions earlier. His fans boast that he explains every vote but it’s all political spin. He posts similar tripe on Twitter and when I’ve questioned it all I get is a private email with more political spin. I used to receive email invites to “town hall” meetings at select favorable sites in the district, which were often dominated by his tea party base of supporters.

    Like any true demagogue, you don’t get where you are without an enforcement squad at your back.

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  5. solodm says:

    Not for the last year and a half.


  6. solodm says:

    Interesting, thanks.

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  7. Anne says:

    I wonder if Reed’s silence is that some part of him is embarrassed by the moronathon that is his fan base.


  8. whungerford says:

    More likely Tom is disinterested and has nothing to gain and much to lose by taking sides. When he does participate it is mostly low-key and in response to a friendly posting.


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