Mia Love

mia loveI believe in attacking problems, not people. My focus is on working shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone willing to tackle the serious problems facing America, regardless of political affiliation. During my 10 years of public service in Saratoga Springs, the City Council and I never faced a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. Rather, all the issues we faced were “people” issues. Congress needs to take that same approach. — Mia Love

Mia Love, the newly elected Representative from Utah, may be in for a surprise when she takes her seat in Congress. Many of her views are positive, but naive. Her experience is in local government; she is in for a shock in the Capitol where extreme partisanship is the rule. Republican Majority Leader McCarthy has called for unity. Will Love turn into a team player or a dissident. Consider her views:

  • We need a strong educational system that will allow America to continue in its role as the world’s premier leader in scientific research and technological development. American families want better quality education, lower education costs, and more local control over decisions related to education. Improved education at lower cost without national standards. Should the Federal Government fund local schools without standards, or should funding be local? Mia Love doesn’t say. If funding is local, local taxes must rise, and schools in poor districts may fail.
  • I want to see health care reform implemented—but not the reforms put into law under Obamacare. Good luck with that, Mia Love.
  • I will fight to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security to ensure our seniors receive the benefits they deserve. We owe a special debt of gratitude to Utah’s seniors, and I remain committed to upholding and enhancing their quality of life.
  • I favor lowering taxes for the purposes of encouraging greater innovation, business productivity, job creation, and international competitiveness.
  • Get the federal government’s finances under control. Massive annual deficits and over $17 trillion of national debt have a severe negative impact on economic growth. A negative impact on growth, really?
  • Our veterans selflessly spend months or even years away from their families, and many come home only after grave physical and mental sacrifices. That is why I believe it is vital that America keep its word to those men and women who have sacrificed so much in the defense of our country and our freedoms. As President Theodore Roosevelt said, “[Anyone] who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterward.” Our military men and women take care of us by putting their lives on the line, and we likewise should take care of them by providing proper levels of veterans’ benefits.

Lower taxes and more spending on some things (education, veterans) must mean less spending on other accounts. One wonders what Mia would shortchange?

Mia Love has much in common with Tom Reed and Martha Robertson. Like Reed, she has a dark view of Federal regulations, favors reduced government spending, tax reform, and a balanced budget. Like Martha Robertson, she enjoyed sucess with local government where colleageality was the rule. Like Martha Robertson, she wants to support education, and veterans.

It will be interesting to see if Mia Love hardens her views joining with the GOP obstructionists, of softens them to join bipartisan efforts for reform.

The quotes are from Mia Love’s website: love4utah.com



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  1. BOB McGILL says:

    words of wisdom from whungerford, seems to me maybe you should reconsider your stance. 🙂


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