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EPA’s Science Advisory Board and HR 1422

The is the second in a series of articles about the Environmental Protection Agency. The first one detailed the EPA’s beginnings and goals. The Environment Protection Agency’s role is to protect human life and the environment by writing and enforcing … Continue reading

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History or Propaganda?

In the Tea Party view of the holiday, the first settlers were actually early socialists. They realized the error of their collectivist ways and embraced capitalism, producing a bumper year, upon which they decided that it was only right to celebrate … Continue reading

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H.R.647 – ABLE Act of 2014

H.R. 647, the ABLE Act,  is also known as the “Achieving a Better Life Experience” act. It is sponsored by Rep. Crenshaw (R-FL); it was introduced on Feb. 13, 2013. It currently has 380 cosponsors; Rep. Reed became a cosponsor on … Continue reading

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Evaluating Legislation

It is often difficult to evaluate legislation to determine its true purpose: The title of a bill is often misleading The purpose of the bill may be misstated The text of the bill may not be clear. Here is an … Continue reading

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EPA Protects Human Health & The Environment

William Hungerford, in his recent article “Three Bad Bills“, reported on the House actions which seem to weaken the EPA. With that in mind, this is the first article in a series which examines the EPA and it’s role in our … Continue reading

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Snowstorm in Dunkirk

Tom Reed seldom posts on his facebook page. When he does, it is sure to be interesting. On November 20, Tom posted a news item: “The City of Dunkirk still has an active Travel Ban in effect.” The next day, November … Continue reading

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Bush and Reagan on illegal immigrants, 1980

Originally posted on Phil Ebersole's Blog:
During the 1980 Republican Presidential primary campaign in Texas, George H.W. Bush said the children of unauthorized immigrants should have the right to attend public schools, and Ronald Reagan advocated an open border…

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Tom Reed on Immigration Reform

Reed stated: Rather than taking unilateral, clearly unconstitutional action that even the President conceded many times over the years is the case, I hoped the President would have worked with Congress to find solutions which are fair to those who … Continue reading

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Three bad bills

The House considered and passed three bad bills unlikely to be  considered by the Senate and likely to be vetoed should they reach President Obama. Explanations for these three bills are based on Rep. Michael Capuano’s weekly e-mail.   H.R. … Continue reading

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Mia Love on immigration reform

A newly elected Republican takes a refreshingly positive view. As the daughter of immigrant parents, I understand the importance of having a sound immigration and border security policy. Our nation has been enriched by the determination, energy, and diversity of … Continue reading

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