“TEAM REED” laughs at Women’s Issues

Martha Robertson challenged Rep Tom Reed for his seat to represent the people of the NY23rd in Congress in the only televised debate on Thursday, October 23. Throughout the debate Rep. Reed shied away from his voting record. One issue, almost by accident brought to light the culture of his whole campaign.

An important factor of the debate is it was held in a small, cozy black box theater in the Clemens Center in Elmira, which holds between 160 and 200 patrons, depending on how the room was set up.  It was important because right in the front few rows, just a few yards from the candidates, sat a group enthusiastic Reed fans, friends and family members. Their  boisterous spirits were hard to ignore. The commentators had to quite them down more than once. One had a TEAM REED sign.

team-reed-lifetime-member-t-shirt.american-apparel-unisex-fitted-tee.white_.w380h440z1b3When it came to the time, near the end of the debate, where the candidates could ask their opponent one question, Mrs. Robertson began her question with… “Tom, it seems to be that you are a part of the war against women.” At that point “TEAM REED” erupted with laughter. Laughter. After the commentator quieted them down, he extended the amount of  time Robertson had to ask her question.

Newspaper websites, local television stations, C-Span and blog sites have shown the 15 second video snippet of the Martha Robertson being interrupted by TEAM REED. That may the the only thing most NY 23rd voters remember about the debate.

TEAM REED, by their rude outburst, showed the viewing audience that they really didn’t comprehend (or they didn’t care about) problems the women of our society have to deal with. Problems that our congressman, who is suppose to represent all of us, voted to continue. They didn’t know which part of the War on Women Martha was going focus in on; TEAM REED automatically dismissed all possible Women Issues.

Mrs. Robertson continued, “You supported to continued wage discrimination by voting against women by blocking the Paycheck Fairness Act. You voted against women’s right to choose even in cases of rape and incest. You have been a bill collector and a lawyer and a Washington Politician. Please tell me what gives you the medical expertise to make these decisions for women?

Reed didn’t attempt to answer her questions except to say, “You know, when I hear this question, Martha, I just have to say, it is false. This is political rhetoric at its worst.” He then talked about his widow Mother and 8 sisters and finally came up with “I will stand for women. When people have questions on equal pay and there is a discriminatory act where someone is not paying someone because of their gender, they should go to jail. We have always fought for equal treatment under the  law. It’s the right thing to do.” 

Look at the question: “What gives you the medical expertise to make these decisions for women? and look at the answer. He danced around the question and told the viewing audience what he thought they wanted to hear. He said that Robertson’s statements were false and called it political rhetoric. 

In Robertsons’ rebuttal, she added, “This is about your votes. He would like us to think one thing, but you voted against the Violence Against Women Act before you said you were for it. You voted to block the Paycheck Fairness Bill. You voted against the Right to Choose even in cases of Rape and Incest. You voted to support the right to take birth control away from women. You may think it is rhetoric. If you’re in favor of women, I would love to see that in your votes.”

Facts are facts, and it doesn’t matter how much Tom Reed talks the nice talk, his votes tell a different story. The New NY 23rd has been chronicling Rep. Reed’s votes for almost two years.  Here are links to some of the articles we have posted on how he deals with Women Issues.

Two prominent  women organizations have been tracking representatives and how they voted on issues important to the organizations. This includes Rep. Reed. See the America Association of University Women (AAUW) Political Scorecard and Planned Parenthood’s Political Scorecard. They both give him a dismal score.

New NY 23rd Articles–Robertson v Reed on Equal Pay for WomenReed Votes to Continue War on WomenWomen’s Business Roundtable Discusses Merits of a Living WageReed Opposes Paycheck Fairness for WomenReed’s “NV’ on the Violence Against Women Resolution, Rep. Reed and the Proposed Abortion Law, Rep. Reed’s Bill will AXE Family Planning Funding.

Rep. Reed has good reasons to downplay his voting record.

About pystew

Retired Teacher, political science geek, village trustee. I lean a little left, but like a good political discussion. My blog, the New NY 23rd (http://newny23rd) is about discussing the issues facing the people of our new congressional district. Let's hear all sides of the issues, not just what the candidates want us to hear.
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37 Responses to “TEAM REED” laughs at Women’s Issues

  1. Anne says:

    Well, I own a dog, so I guess on the Reed planet I’m a veterinarian….seriously, though, it is striking how tone deaf so many of Reed’s supporters are, not getting the irony of men jeering at the idea of women’s rights, and of a woman daring to talk about it. The Republican Big Book O’ Talking Points must be having difficulty with this issue, too…I was taken to task on Martha’s page by someone tut-tutting me for agreeing that there’s a war on women in this country when it’s really Boko Harem and ISIS who are at war with women, and shame on me for belittling those struggles. So you can see, they’re stretching. Since Reed can’t think on his feet (or apparently any place else) no one should be surprised at his non-answer. How did this guy get elected again? Oh, yeah. Good piece, Rich.

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  2. Deb Meeker says:

    Now *that* is an unbiased report. Simply the fact that Tom Reed dances while Tea Party “Team Reed” plays the tune. Forget real women’s issues – “we just can’t let the ‘Obama-lovers’ speak truth without scorning her”. ANYTHING to get re-elected, right Tom?

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  3. catkestler says:

    Way to go! Great article. Hit the nail on the head.
    Reed refuses to let any of his constituents post the truth to his page. I, for one have been blocked.
    He really doesn’t want anything true printed on his page for fear an informed voter will be a vote for his opponent.


  4. Marcia says:

    Excellent take on what happened. Every right wing radical is posting this, from Breitbert to NY Daily News. They think it’s a gotcha moment, but it’s really an ignorance moment for all of them.


  5. pystew says:

    I’m certain there were a lot of high-5’s at Reed’s after-debate party for TEAM REED’s actions. They don’t have a clue that they disrespected the largest voting block in the district.


  6. Anne says:

    I wonder if they realize how completely boorish those behaviors made them look, policy problems aside.


  7. James Skaley says:

    Its not only women’s issues whereReed is out of touch–here below are actual votes on many issues important to NY 23:
    This voting record came from Congress.gov and Project Vote Smart.com
    Tom Reed is a member of the Tax writing committee in the House and:
    * Votes with GOP party 92% and abstains 4%
    * Votes with Tea Party 75%
    * Votes with Right to Life 100%
    * Votes with Competitive Enterprise Institute dedicated to eliminate labor privileges 83%
    * Votes with Libertarian Freedom Works an average of 53%
    * Votes with League of Conservation Voters 7%
    * Votes with United Food & Commercial Workers 14%
    * Votes with Senior Citizen groups 11%
    Reed voted to extend child care tax credits for families making six figures. He did not
    extend this tax credit to families with incomes less than $50,000/yr. Up to half of these
    lower income families may lose their child tax credit by 2017. (HR4935). The median wage in the 23rd district is a little over $47,000–meaning as many as half of families may loose their child care tax credits in 2017.
    Reedʼs votes in favor of the Ryan Budget Plan could cause 28,000 newly insured in the
    23rd district to lose health care coverage. Support for the Ryan Budget would also turn
    Medicare for seniors into a voucher program that cost seniors up to $6,000/yr.
    Student Loans. With student debt estimated at 1.2 Trillion, Reed has voted against the
    idea of a Student Loan Bank that would allow students to refinance their current loans at
    todayʼs low interest rates. (HR4582)
    Burger King just announced it is moving its headquarters to Canada. This means it can
    skip out on substantial U. S. taxes. Reed has received $358,659 from corporations that
    oppose a bill to restrict U.S. corporations from using this tax loophole. (HR4679)
    Reed supports a bill to substitute overtime pay for comp time, threatening the idea of a
    40 hr work week and pay for working on weekends–meaning you work more and take
    Reed is a climate change denier. He has voted to restrict funds to monitor climate
    change (HR3409 and two separate votes on amendments) despite near universal
    scientific indications and concerns of the business community that human activity is
    resulting in climate change that will cost the economy hundreds of billions in lost
    agricultural production, coastal storm damage, higher electrical costs and increased
    health costs (cited in Risky Business–the economic risks of climate change in the U.S.
    co-chaired by H. Paulson former GOP Treasury Sec. under Pres. George W. Bush).
    Reed has voted multiple times to restrict or rollback EPA regulations on clean air and
    clean water earning him a 7% rating by the League of Conservation Voters. His
    campaign is heavily funded by gas and oil industry groups that support hydro-fracking.
    Hydro-fracking could threaten the NY Finger Lakes grape and wine/tourist industries.
    The NY grape and wine industry generates over $4.8 billion annually for the
    state’s economy, and the Finger Lakes with more than 130 wineries account for
    about 75 percent or approximately $3.6 billion in annual revenue. (Dixon
    interview on Rochester homepage.net). The fracking boom will be gone in a few years–grapes and the wine industry could be prosperous for the next century–we need to think long-term.



  8. BOB McGILL says:



  9. catkestler says:

    James, well put! Could you email this to me, please?
    Will you be at Olean debate, tonight?
    If so, see you there


  10. BOB McGILL says:

    hey pstew your rules state that one should name their source, but youre rules DON’T say that I have to provide a link that works. If there are links it is only by mistake, because you won’t use them anyway and they are only meant to name my source.


  11. whungerford says:

    Tom pulled a similar stunt two years ago deflecting Nate’s final question without giving an answer. This time the stunt will backfire if women turn out to vote in sufficient numbers.


  12. BOB McGILL says:

    IF YOU WERE TO LOOK AT THE SITIUATION OBJECTIVELY ( HA,HA ) it would seem that women are at war with each other–
    Female subordinates are often less respectful of, and deferential to, their female bosses than they are to their male bosses. They question more, push back, and expect a certain level of familiarity or camaraderie that they don’t expect from the men. This speaks to the long tradition of women being notoriously hypercritical of one another, an assertion proven by science: a study published in the journal Psychological Science concluded that women form a negative view of other women in their lives—including friends, co-workers, and, yes, bosses—far more quickly and freely than men do of other men.


  13. BOB McGILL says:

    US NEWS By Mary Kate Cary Aug. 29, 2012 | 3:45 p.m. EDT + More
    In the 2010 midterm elections, the gender gap disappeared for the first time since the Reagan era. More Republican women were elected to the House than ever before, and four out of six current female governors are Republicans. In 2010, Republicans won the women’s vote over Democrats by 49 percent to 48 percent, exit polls showed. Ever since, the Democratic political strategy has been to make female voters, who comprise more than half the electorate, their No. 1 target. The stakes are high: Democrats can’t afford to lose the women’s vote again if they expect to keep the White House and the Senate. This fall, Republicans need to pick up only four seats to take control of the Senate.

    The problem for Democrats is they can’t run on their record: The poverty rate among women is now the highest it’s been in nearly two decades; 5.2 million women are unemployed. According to the National Women’s Law Center, of the 2.7 million jobs created since 2009, only 567,000 have gone to women.

    [See a collection of political cartoons on the economy.]

    That explains why the Democrats jumped so quickly when the Republican nominee for the Senate from Missouri, Rep. Todd Akin, made offensive remarks about rape.

    And while Republicans across the board called for Akin to withdraw from the race, Democrats were moving even faster. Liberal pundits on cable television were gleeful as the controversial clip played over and over. President Obama, trying to keep a straight face, held his first press conference in months in order to express his outrage. The “Republican war on women” was back on.

    Not so fast. Let’s take a look at five myths the left is selling about Republicans and women. If Tim Pawlenty can call Obama’s policies “all foam and no beer,” we might say that the so-called war on women is all dressing and no salad. All toast and no chicken salad. All frosting and no cupcake. You get the idea. Here’s what they’re saying:

    [See a collection of political cartoons on the 2012 campaign.]

    If you are pro-life, you are anti-woman. The left’s premise is that men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who are pro-life are anti-woman. But that doesn’t account for the fact that more women are pro-life than pro-choice, according to Gallup. It makes no sense to claim that women who are Catholics, Christian evangelicals, Hispanic, or African-American, for example—many of whom consider themselves pro-life—are all opposed to women’s rights. The left also doesn’t take into account that the majority of Americans, from both genders, are pro-life. Gallup also reports that for the first time this year, 51 percent of Americans find abortion “morally wrong,” with 38 percent finding it “morally acceptable.” The number of Americans who identify themselves as “pro-choice” is at a record low, and a majority now call themselves “pro-life,” with the biggest change coming among independents. Most Americans are pro-life, and I’d bet very few consider themselves “anti-woman.”

    Republicans believe that men should control women’s bodies. “We shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making healthcare decisions on behalf of women,” Obama said at his war-on-women press conference. Agreed. Yet under his Affordable Care Act, 15 unelected members of the Independent Payment Advisory Board will now decide which medical treatments will get federal funding, decisions that could affect millions of women. And don’t forget that his individual mandate tells women which kind of health coverage they can buy. Contrast that with Ryan’s Medicare premium support plan, which would give women a choice of Medicare or private insurance.

    Republicans want to take contraception away from women. Nobody is arguing that women should be denied access to contraception. The question is whether it should be provided free, should be paid for by taxpayers, and should be mandated for religious employers who find it a violation of their beliefs. It wasn’t Republicans who ordered this change; it was the president’s administration. Since that decision, polls have shown that the majority of Americans disagree with his stance and believe there should be the sort of religious exemption there has been in the past


  14. Anne says:

    Actually, Bob, if you’re going to waste all this space copy-pasting from speechwriters for former Republican presidents, I for one would rather hear the gin-soaked ramblings of Peggy Noonan.


  15. whungerford says:

    In the House there are only 79 women among 435 members. We have a chance to improve that Tuesday.


  16. Anne says:

    That’s about 18.2% of the House, and yet, over 50% of the population. We have some work to do!


  17. BOB McGILL says:

    US NEWS By Mary Kate Cary , BUT, BUT, BUt, a woman wrote it. Don’t like it when a woman says you’re wrong ? 🙂


  18. BOB McGILL says:

    By Mona Charen – April 4, 2014
    ” Speaking for myself and not my fellow panelists, I do believe that feminism took a number of wrong turns since the 1970s — rejecting marriage, embracing the sexual revolution, cheerleading for abortion without any restrictions, vehemently denying that young children pay a price when they are placed in institutional care, recycling bogus statistics like the 77-cents myth, spurning the accomplishments of conservative heroines like Margaret Thatcher and Condoleezza Rice, demonizing men as oppressors. It’s a long list.
    ” But most of my talk at the Heritage Foundation wasn’t especially partisan or even political. I was quoting the social science that scholars across the political spectrum agree upon — namely, that a focus on women’s progress and glass ceilings and “leaning” this way and that misses the most important news: Men are falling behind. A larger percentage of women than men finish high school. Women now earn 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 63 percent of master’s degrees, and 53 percent of doctorates. Men are earning less and dropping out of the labor force at alarming rates.
    Women are earning more and taking a larger percentage of managerial and supervisory posts.”
    Read more: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2014/04/04/real_women_vote_democrat_or_do_they_122173.html#ixzz3HdRnXNEp


  19. BOB McGILL says:


    ” Part of the American Dream is having a spouse and children, and Republicans attain that aspect in large numbers. Sixty percent of married men vote Republican, along with 55 percent of married women. Additionally, 53 percent of families with children younger than 18 identify as Republican. This focus on traditional family values may explain in part why only 23 percent of gay, lesbian or bisexual individuals identify as Republican. “


  20. James Skaley says:

    Like Tom Reed you strategize to avoid addressing the issue of Tom Reed’s voting record which clearly shows his bias against equality for equal pay and women’s health. You fail to address the fact that the numbers you cite belong to older white males and white married women probably married to those white males–that leaves out the younger generation who will define the future direction for the country–We need a representative who is looking forward not only to protect the interests of the upcoming generation but to also preserve the benefits of seniors and those less fortunate. We also need a representative that tells the truth. Its time for a change!


  21. Anne says:

    I know who MK Cary is, Bob, though it doesn’t appear that you do. I disagree with women all the time. There’s Ann Coulter, for instance, or Sarah Palin. It’s my opinion that most of what they say is wrong. I’m trying to think of an instance where I agree with the politics of a conservative woman….nope, sorry.


  22. Anne says:

    What that means is that women are starting to catch up. But we have a ways to go yet. Also, the Heritage Foundation? Do you even understand what these ‘sources’ you cut & paste are, or do?


  23. Anne says:

    I’d have to say that part of the American dream is being able to afford children, something that’s increasingly difficult to do. But since you never had children, Bob, does that mean you disagree with that particular piece of the American dream pie? That last quote is just silly. Causation/correlation. The lower levels of registered R’s who identify as LGBTQ is more likely due to the fact that conservative policies–to say nothing of conservative commentators–blast their very existence. Nice try, though, and thanks for playing.


  24. BOB McGILL says:

    the lady SPOKE at a Heritage Foundation gathering, The FOUNDATION had nothing to do with her forming her opinion.


  25. BOB McGILL says:

    gee you really get bent out of shape when someone offers a different ipinion. 🙂


  26. BOB McGILL says:

    since you have no idea WHY I didn’t have children, I would say you are an inconsiderate slob. Delete that one pstew 🙂


  27. Anne says:

    Wait, wait, no, you told us this once…if I recall, it had something to do with your not trusting how they might turn out. What you call “inconsiderate slob,” I say is calling you out on the fallacies behind your arguments. These 1950’s Once Upon A Time In America fantasies are just that, fantasies. And fallacious. And have nothing to do with life the way it is lived today.


  28. whungerford says:

    But Bob, the Heritage Foundation did invite her to speak, you know.


  29. BOB McGILL says:

    ” Wait, wait, no, you told us this once…if I recall, it had something to do with your not trusting how they might turn out.” really anne is that the best you can dream up ?

    I’ll give you one clue- ( CANCER )


  30. BOB McGILL says:

    First, I have NO issues with Tom’s voting record
    Second, hopefully the younger generation will become like,THOSE WHITE MALES
    Third, you seem to be the one having a problem telling the TRUTH
    Fourth, there will always be ” those less fortunate ”
    Fifth, if you really care about ” the benefits of seniors ” you had better find jobs for the younger generation, and it better be better than picking GRAPES.


  31. solodm says:

    Is “Bob McGill” a pseudonym for “Tom Reed”?


  32. solodm says:

    Sorry for your loss Bob. You must be very lonely indeed.


  33. pystew says:

    The problem I have with Reed’s voting record is that he hides it. For example he was in Geneva a few months ago telling the staff at Happiness House that their job is very important, etc. The press picked up on that and reported kit making it seemed that Reed supports pre-schools for the handicapped kids. They didn’t report his vote cutting the federal funding for Happiness House. He seems very moderate right before the election to shield his Tea Party voting record.


  34. James Skaley says:

    Unfortunately, the media is largely lazy when it comes to reporting and analyzing our Congressman’s votes—it takes a fair amount of sleuthing to catalog Reed’s votes where the members label their bills with the most innocuous sounding titles and the often crucial votes are on amendments to those bills. The average person doesn’t have the time or perhaps the skill or interest to get that information–Our newspapers and other media are failing our democracy when the voting public is kept so ill-informed. That gives Reed and others free license to say whatever pleases his audience without revealing the import of his vote in Congress on his constituents.


  35. catkestler says:

    James, again listening to Reed talk on many occasions, I have learned he talks in circles to make the listener think he knows what he is talking about, but at his latest debate, he admitted to not supporting the federal minimum wage. He realized it as soon as it flew out his mouth, he turned red, and immediately tried to backpedal to no avail.
    His record is out there and voters are being informed, that’s why he is slinging the mud more than ever.


  36. BOB McGILL says:

    are you a pseudonym for BS


  37. BOB McGILL says:

    really ? show me where 🙂


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