Why is Reed Afraid of Debates?

Voters in New York’s 23rd will have very limited opportunities to see their two congressional candidates in face-to-face debates before the November 4 election.  The reason?  Tom Reed.

Reed seems particularly reluctant to let voters in the western part of the district, who could well decide the outcome, see him in action.  WGRZ in Buffalo has offered to host a televised debate, and Democrat Martha Robertson has agreed to participate.  Reed has not. Voters in this area are new to the district and have less reason to be familiar with Reed’s positions and stances than voters elsewhere.  Evidently, Reed wants to keep it that way.

A debate at the Clemens Center in Elmira will be telecast locally, but the only other scheduled debate, at Olean High School, will not be broadcast. A joint interview to be conducted by the Jamestown Post-Journal will be closed to the public and will not be televised. Reed refused an invitation from the Steuben County League of Women Voters to participate in a candidate’s forum. Robertson accepted.

If you live in Ithaca, Geneva, Penn Yan, or other parts of the district, you won’t be able to see Reed and Robertson debate the issues that confront our district and the nation. Voters in Geneva and Yates County may recall the 2012 debate at Hobart and William Smith Colleges between Reed and Nate Shinagawa, the Democratic candidate at the time.  A nimble Shinagawa ran circles around a lackluster Reed on that occasion, which may go some way toward explaining Reed’s determination to keep out of the public eye in 2014.



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10 Responses to Why is Reed Afraid of Debates?

  1. Nancy Padak says:

    I hope someone does videos and posts them. I would watch


  2. Anne says:

    I hope so, too, Nancy. I remember being surprised at how badly he performed in the debate against Shinagawa; typically, people with law school educations learn to be more articulate than that somewhere along the way. On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to have been quite at the top of that game, either, given the eventual career path he chose. I’ve said it before, but it’s true: debt collectors exist so that the ambulance chasers have someone to look down on.


  3. Deb Meeker says:

    In my opinion, Tom Reed is very transparently uncomfortable speaking to a camera. All one has to do is watch his ads, his questioning of the IRS director ( his fake outrage was even apparent to those he “grilled”), or any other film clips – even his “ice bucket challenge” video, to see that discomfort. He frequently doesn’t know whether to smile, frown, or grin, and his “resting face” tends to make him look dull. His hands are generally clasped in front of him as to seemingly prevent him from gesturing in an embarrassing way.
    Somewhere in the deep recesses of Tom conscience is the full knowledge that he is exaggerating, posturing, and/or flat out lying; he attempts to cover this with an on/off flitting grin/grimace.
    Someone in Tom’s coaching staff has figured out – the less he’s in front of a camera, the better chance he has, hoping the fewer people watching and listening to him, the fewer will see the manifestations of his own cognitive dissonance.

    Other that that – he most likely knows Martha could mop the floor with him.


  4. josephurban says:

    I don’t care if he is a good debater or a poor debater. I would just like some straight answers about his voting record. He seems to be pretending to be a liberal for liberals (great supporter of the environment, saves Medicare for the elderly) , a conservative for conservatives ( votes against the ACA , supports the government shutdown) and a Tea Partier for the insane (cut taxes, cut taxes , cut taxes for the wealthy, cut food for poor kids, eliminate social programs.


  5. whungerford says:

    Reed has much to lose and nothing to gain from debates. He hopes to slide into another term based on being Mr. Niceguy–Tom the good old boy. Taking a position on issues merely alienates some potential supporters.


  6. Marcia says:

    He also refused to do a League of Women Voters debate in Fredonia. He never does any public forums in Chautauqua county. He is afraid to let us know who he really is. He knows that will lose him votes.


  7. BOB McGILL says:

    tell Martha I will debate her. All a debate proves is who’s the best liar. Whenever I have had a chance to speek in front of people from Thompkins County they —- their pants.


  8. josephurban says:

    Using your own criteria…I guess you would win 🙂


  9. Susan says:

    Bon, you represent reed?!


  10. Marcia says:

    Bob McGill, why would Martha debate you? Are you running for Congress?


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