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Attention All Men of the NY 23rd

 This article was written by Cath Kestler of  Silver Creek, NY. It is published with the permission of the author. “Attention all men of the NY 23rd district the upcoming election at the Federal level will be a referendum not only … Continue reading

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Who cares about #ny23?

Tom Reed says he cares; Martha Robertson says she cares. But do voters care?     It appears that the voters have discounted the following: Reed’s business practices. Reed’s disreputable midnight swim. Reed’s late tax payments. Reed’s performance in office. … Continue reading

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“TEAM REED” laughs at Women’s Issues

Martha Robertson challenged Rep Tom Reed for his seat to represent the people of the NY23rd in Congress in the only televised debate on Thursday, October 23. Throughout the debate Rep. Reed shied away from his voting record. One issue, almost … Continue reading

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Video and Transcript of the Reed vs Robertson Debate

The following links will take you to the C-Span Video and Transcript of last Thursday’s Debate between Martha Robertson and Tom Reed The transcript does not identify who the speaker is, but it is easy to follow.

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The Back of the Ballot

Don’t forget that we will be voting on both sides of the ballot on November 4. There will be three proposals  on all New York State ballots. In some cases local towns, counties or villages could add local proposals. There are … Continue reading

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Martha Robertson is the right choice for students and young people.

The following article was written by guest columnist Paolo Cremidis, from Elmira, NY. Paolo is a friend of the New NY 23rd and is in his last semester at Brooklyn College. He is working on a double  major –Political Science and Journalism. … Continue reading

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Women and minorities in political and judicial office

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.–Martin Luther King Jr. Jelani Cobb, in a New Yorker magazine article titled “Voting by Numbers,” which appeared in the Oct. 27th issue, explains that while women make … Continue reading

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View Your Ballot

The above is a sample  of the November 4, General Election ballot of the Town of Milo, Yates County. If  you click on it, it will enlarge. All ballots in the NY 23rd will be set up in a similar format … Continue reading

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Tom Reed’s Awards

Tom likes photo ops, particularly those showing him accepting an award. But what is the justification for the award? That is seldom explained. This one from the Farm Bureau in the midst of the 2014 election campaign. The Farm Bureau … Continue reading

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For a Government that Works, Elect Martha Robertson

Republicans are making hay out of a number of recent missteps by federal government agencies.  The CDC’s slow response to ebola in Texas, the failure of the Secret Service to prevent an intruder from entering the White House, and the … Continue reading

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