Perhaps we need reeducation

spockA parent writes:

My son was failing under Common Core. I pulled him out of school and home schooled him. He passed his state regents with high scores. I can’t argue with success. Common Core is the worst curriculum I’ve seen in my life.

This relatively simple statement is a logical nightmare. Here are some of the implicit assumptions.

  • The boy was failing because the school used common core standards; it had nothing to do with the student, the teacher, or the school.
  • He passed the regents exams with high scores as a result of home schooling; it had nothing to do with his effort or intelligence.
  • The parent has seen and evaluated more than one comprehensive curriculum, has the expertise to compare them, and reason to conclude that common core is the worst. No basis for comparison is given.

The mistake here is over generalization. One home-schooled student’s lack of success doesn’t imply that particular schools, teachers, or curricula are inadequate.

common coreMy limited experience suggests that rather than teachers or students, it is primarily parents who have trouble with common core lessons; perhaps we need reeducation.

© William Hungerford – August 2014



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3 Responses to Perhaps we need reeducation

  1. Anne says:

    Honestly, I don’t think the Common Core curriculum has been around long enough yet for any of her claims to be true. And once again, it would appear that a certain political element is using this issue for its own agenda:


  2. Anne says:

    Years ago, I knew a number of educators and education administrators who were convinced that NCLB was an attempt by the GOP to begin the dismantling of public education altogether–the last great ‘entitlement’ program that I’m sure free markets enthusiasts would like to see privatized. Because which corporations can profit from public education? (And how many would profit if the whole system became privatized?)


  3. philebersole says:

    Well, the parent’s statement does not constitute proof, but it is a data point.
    The student was the same in the Common Core class and at home.
    The differences were the teachers and the curriculum.
    If the student was doing okay in school before the new curriculum was introduced, it is reasonable to infer that the new curriculum did not meet the student’s needs as well as home schooling did.


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