Reed Reelection Campaign


It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.–Mark Twain



How does Tom Reed sell himself to NY-23? Here’s how:

  • Many, many pictures of himself.
  • Say’s Martha is an “extreme Ithaca liberal”
  • Say’s his loving sister Mary supports him.
  • He has an attractive, wholesome family. (but releasing his tax return would embarrass them)
  • Fights for “jobs and the future;” wants to change the status quo.
  • The US Chamber of Congress (right wing lobbyists, not your local business association) supports him.
  • tom with clownEntertainers support Martha, Sha Na Na for example.
  • Martha Robertson called him fat.
  • NFIB (lobbyists for big business) supports him.
  • Martha Robertson owns shares in a mutual fund that invests in Burger King. (So if BK is bad, she is too.)
  • Says Martha Robertson’s ad is inaccurate. (Reed may no longer be a millionaire, who knows?)
  • Says Martha Robertson’s ad is inaccurate (Tom doesn’t necessarily want to raise the retirement age, who knew?)
  • He can iron a shirt for the camera.
  • Claims Martha uses Democratic “talking points.
  • Martha Robertson isn’t cool.
  • He likes to hunt and fish.
  • Peter Yarrow served time in prison.

Reed with dog and gunTom has very little to say about anything he has accomplished for his constituents in nearly four years in office. There is good reason for that.

© William Hungerford – August 2014


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* Contributor at where we discuss the politics, economics, and events of the New New York 23rd Congressional District (Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, (Eastern) Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben,Tioga, Tompkins, and Yates Counties) Please visit and comment on whatever strikes your fancy.
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One Response to Reed Reelection Campaign

  1. solodm says:

    At least to date, Reed has spared his wife from campaigning with him, or perhaps she has spared herself. There are the generic family photos of course, but Tom has chosen his sister over his wife to go on the road shows, and for ads.
    Interestingly, it appears there are not too many endorsements from Reed’s extended family, only sister Mary. Do they rate his job approval as we do?


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