Good pay for part-time work

time for changeWhat sort of change does Tom Reed favor?

Sept. 30, 2013 (Steuben Currier) — Reed “implied a shutdown would be preferable to continuing business – and spending – as usual. “Hopefully we can avoid a shutdown, but we didn’t come here to maintain the status quo,” Reed said.

  Shutting down the government was one.

reins actTom Reed says Congress should approve regulations, examine every dollar, and change the status quo. Quite a challenge for part-time work.

Tom Reed wrote:

This legislation will make elected officials, instead of unelected bureaucrats, accountable for approving or disapproving new regulations. “More accountability for elected officials is good government.”

Do our Representatives have time to approve hundreds of regulations as the Reins Act would require; could they ever agree? Perhaps Tom meant he opposes measures to protect the environment.

four trillion

Tom Reed wrote:

Each taxpayer dollar spent must be carefully examined to make sure it is being used in the most effective way possible — it’s only fair.

How long would it take Tom to examine every dollar? Could he do it in a lifetime? Perhaps Tom only meant he is miserly with money spent to help those in his district who are not already well-off.

Reed and Collins Vote_nFor Tom, the status quo is anything I don’t like, in this case a necessary increase in the debt ceiling.

Oct. 13, 2013 (Democrat and Chronicle) — Rep. Tom Reed’s hard-line support for the strategy House Republican leaders have pursued in the partial shutdown of the federal government could become a defining issue for him in the next election. …“I didn’t come here to maintain the status quo,” Reed said Tuesday after a closed-door meeting at which House Republicans were updated on the continuing deadlock with Democrats. Reed’s comment has become a familiar refrain highlighting his ties to the tea party wing of the GOP.

Get real, Tom. There are important matters before Congress. Quit clowning over what is pointless and impossible and get to work. Start putting the public interest before party interest, self-interest, and special interests.

© William Hungerford – August 2014


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3 Responses to Good pay for part-time work

  1. Maureen A. Harding, AICP says:

    He is on the House Ways and Means commitee and has had nearly 6 years to reform the tax code! Sounds like the status quo appeals to him. Nothing changes if nothing changes. This is precisely why I support term limits!


  2. whungerford says:

    Term limits dump the good along with the bad. The proper treatment for an under performing representative is to vote that person out.


  3. Anne says:

    Reed went into this office proclaiming his own self-imposed term limits. A maximum of six, sayeth he. Probably long enough to set himself up for a lucrative career as a gas & oil gasbag lobbyist.


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