Tom Reed’s Tax Proposal Disected

Social Security ChainTom Reed never says what programs he would shortchange or whose share of taxes might be cut.

In an Op. Ed., slated to appear in print on Sunday, Aug. 17 in the Elmira Star-Gazette, Tom Reed tells us this:

  1. Each year, families and small business find themselves collectively spending more than 6 billion hours and $160 billion to file their taxes.
  2. Simply put, the existing tax code is unfair to families — it lets Washington pick winners and losers at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.
  3. We have a 70,000-page problem in the tax code.
  4. Our tax laws have not been seriously reformed since 1986.
  5. Taxpayers deserve a simpler, fairer tax code that closes loopholes and puts everyone on a level played field because real tax reform means more and better jobs for Americans.
  6. We need a tax code that will encourage the economy of tomorrow by supporting growth in our communities today.
  7. My work on the Ways and Means Committee provides an opportunity to ensure the voices of the families in our area are heard.
  8. This is important because special interests like those that support my opponent promote misinformation about tax reform for the sake of winning elections.
  9. The reality is that the tax reforms proposed by the Ways and Means Committee would save families in the 23rd District an average of $600 annually — that’s money that stays in your pockets.
  10. I believe that you can better decide how to spend your money and care for your financial health than someone in Washington can.
  11. Our problem is not that people do not pay enough in taxes; it is that Washington spends too much.
  12. Our taxes come from hard work — and while tax reform is central to this debate, the conversation must be had within the context of Washington’s spending problems and the negative effect that current tax laws have on creating new opportunities for all.
  13. We must work together to make responsible decisions on government spending.
  14. Each taxpayer dollar spent must be carefully examined to make sure it is being used in the most effective way possible…
  15. I care about the families in the 23rd District…
  16. I believe a simplified, common-sense tax code will benefit every American.
  17. We need to take advantage of this opportunity to lower tax rates, fight the tax increases supported by my opponent and her liberal allies and work for a simpler, fairer code that protects taxpayers and encourages job creation.

Hands off Social SecurityI leave it to the reader to decide which of the above points are reasonable, logical, and relevant. One repeated theme is that government spends too much and that taxes are too high. However, Tom Reed never says what programs he would shortchange or whose share of  taxes might be cut.

Tom Reed never says what programs he would shortchange or whose share of taxes might be cut.

© William Hungerford – August 2014


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13 Responses to Tom Reed’s Tax Proposal Disected

  1. josephurban says:

    Reed knows that facts are not important. Just keep pounding away , saying what you think the voter wants to hear. That is the nature of the political ad. Remember Reagan’s welfare queen? Willie Horton of George 1? LBJ’s little girl picking off flower petals? All appeal to emotions, not the intellect. It is very difficult for candidate who appeal to the intellect to get elected. Emotion and falsehoods seem to trump reality. The old adage: Repeat a lie often enough and people start to think there may be something to it. (Like Obama born in Kenya).


  2. Anne says:

    Does Reed ever say where he gets those “6B hours/$160B fees” from? I’ve run the numbers based on what I can find on line about how many tax filers there are in this country and honestly, they just don’t add up. (Surprise! Have we ever seen a number that adds up with Reed?) Nearly half of the individual filers in this country efile on their own now (which means they aren’t spending money) and the slight majority who pay someone to do so on their behalf aren’t spending the time. And I suspect his numbers for both are inflated (again, have we ever seen a fact that Reed doesn’t like to manipulate to further his own cause?). I have a CPA do mine since they’re slightly complicated (and look at me, I’m a job creator) but the total always comes in under $115; my fiancé, a small business owner, does his own, and the state quarterlies are literally less than three minutes to efile now, and his federal take a few hours to pull together–fewer, if he’s been organized through the year. That $600 savings to each family has an echo of the Bush tax cuts about it, don’t you think? Remember when we all got that check for $300? Compared to what millionaires raked in? I guess Reed must be counting on us all having short memories, as well as poor math skills.


  3. whungerford says:

    Joseph, thanks for your comment. It’s surely true that obfuscation serves politicians well, but I suggest that readers would do well to question Reed’s points by asking: “How does he know that; how would he do that; how is that relevant; what’s the rest of the story?”


  4. josephurban says:

    Good point. My problem with Reed is simple. I have called his office in Corning and DC a few times to try to get specific information and have always been met with …we don’t know …or…we’ll get back to you. One example is when he sent out a flyer claiming massive cuts by Obama to seniors on Medicare and Medicaid. I asked his office : What SPECIFIC PROGRAMS and services to seniors will be cut by Obama. No answer. Never returned my calls. You can investigate his statements all you want. Doesn’t matter. his game is simple. Keep repeating the same half-truths. Folks will eventually accept it.


  5. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment, Anne. I have puzzled over those numbers too. Tom talks fantastic savings on tax preparation, but keeps the details of proposed reforms to himself.


  6. whungerford says:

    One of the Realtors’ stated criteria for supporting a candidate is access. They know that Tom will listen to any complaints they may have.


  7. solodm says:

    Reed always does a great job of “listening” – just ask him!
    However “hearing” – not so much.


  8. whungerford says:

    For sure, Deb, but Tom’s hearing may sharpen when lobbyists who have paid for access are talking.


  9. BOB McGILL says:

    what a disappointment, you guys have been always good for a laugh, but you are re-hashing the same old stuff over and over and are now so boring its a waste of time reading the garbage. Hope Martha believes in miracles, other wise she might drop out. 🙂


  10. josephurban says:

    And yet, here you are….


  11. Anne says:

    My thought exactly, Joseph!


  12. whungerford says:

    What is your opinion of Tom Reed’s tax proposal Bob?


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