Tom Reed’s supporters



We know somethings about the Koch Brothers, Realtors, and others who are Tom’s largest funders and most significant supporters, but here’s another special interest: National Federation of Independent Business, NFIB.

  • NFIB tweeted today, August 14, 2014: we’re also proud to support Tom Reed for re-election in NY-23. Today he was endorsed by NFIB’s SafeTrust.
  • Reed replied: Extremely grateful to receive the NFIBAction endorsement this afternoon in NY-23–Small business is the key 2 economic recovery!

So what does NFIB Advocate?

  • NFIB fights job-killing Federal minimum wage hike.
  • Supports a bill that would provide small business immediate relief from Obamacare. (Save American Workers Act, H.R.2575, roll156–Tom Reed voted AYE)
  • Says EPA clean water rule threatens small business.
  • Supports “States’ Right to promote American Energy Security Act” (H.R.2728, roll 604–Tom Reed voted AYE) (Surprisingly, this bill would affirm NY State’s right to regulate fracking, although that wasn’t the point which was to thwart Federal regulations)

In addition, NFIB claims small business backs Reed in NY-23. So how much have they given Tom? At least $6500 according to “influence explorer.”  Not even in the top 100, but still a significant amount. Is NFIB even a legitimate voice for small business? Maybe not according to the HuffPost article by Dan Froomkin referenced below. (Thanks to Deb Meeker for this.)

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2 Responses to Tom Reed’s supporters

  1. whungerford says:

    Note of explanation–details of NFIB contributions to Tom Reed:
    2010 $2500
    2011 $1000 (1)
    2011 $1000 (2)
    2012 $1000
    2013 $1000
    total $6500
    Thus NFIB doesn’t show up in the summary of top ten contributors for the 2013-14 cycle because most of the $6500 was contributed earlier.


  2. Deb Meker says:

    Thanks for exposing these facts more clearly. Below is an interesting site that seems to offer big money for “sales” associates. Clicking on any of the jobs offered gives the same spiel, but no job description I can decipher.
    NFIB brags about having “….a team of lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and in all 50 states fighting to give every type of small and independent business a voice in government policy-making….”.
    Congressman Tom Reed is surely on the take.


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