Who’s extreme in NY-23

hands-off-social-securitymartha3“It is not a question of if, but rather when these programs (Social Security and Medicare) run out – unless we take steps now to reform and save them. Individuals are paying directly into these programs and they are entitled to their benefits. The focus should be on reforms (cuts) that do not affect those who currently receive or will soon be receiving benefits, but those who are a generation out. — Rep. Tom Reed

Tom Reed’s negative political advertising says his opponent, Martha Robertson, is an “extreme Ithaca liberal.”Is Martha the extremist, or is it Tom Reed? Let’s see:

  • Martha is supported by individuals in NY-23; Tom by out-of-state special interests and right-wing PACs.
  • Martha would raise the minimum wage; Tom would free employers to pay inadequate wages.
  • Martha would promote economic growth; Tom favors “trickle-down.”
  • Martha and Tom both favor a long term transportation bill, but the GOP blocks it.
  • Martha and Tom both favor RAMI, but the GOP won’t allow a vote.
  • Martha would protect the environment; Tom would give polluters free rein, except near his vacation home.
  • Martha would preserve Social Security benefits for all; Tom would cut benefits for those younger than 55.
  • Martha would preserve Medicare; Tom would turn it into a voucher plan.
  • Martha would improve Obamacare; Tom would repeal it.
  • Martha favors campaign finance reform.
  • Tom voted against keeping the government open.

ree dourTom’s claim that Martha is an extremist is false; it is a smokescreen to cover Tom Reed’s extreme, tea party views. Tom has accomplished almost nothing since his first term. It is unlikely that he ever will.


© William Hungerford – August 2014



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8 Responses to Who’s extreme in NY-23

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    I don’t believe one could get more extreme, than voting to shutdown the United States government (over allowing Americans to have health care insurance) – twice.
    Reed is also extremely wrong in believing Tompkins County is the only part of the NY 23rd district that agrees with Martha Robertson on the above issues.


  2. josephurban says:

    But…but…but…I get Tom’s information newsletters. He SAVED Social Security, all by himself. And he wants to help old people. And he is always supporting spending federal dollars in the district…all the while cutting taxes for the wealthy. Spend more…take in less…classic Reaganomics! A magician ? Or a con man?


  3. whungerford says:

    No, no, Tom isn’t saving anything–he is fighting, pushing, and claiming success for bills introduced that will never become law, that’s all.


  4. BOB McGILL says:

    my friend broke hie wrist and need pins put in it. Under the ACA he has to come up with the firts $1800 WHICH WILL TAKE TOO LONG, because his has already started to heal. The ACA has made this surgery UN affordable.


  5. Anne says:

    Sorry, Bob, not buying this one.


  6. BOB McGILL says:

    it’s called a deductible, with my new ACA health care I now have a $2,000 deductible and higher co-pays that I never had before. Besides what do you know, anyway. 🙂


  7. Anne says:

    Actually, if you’re on Medicare, none of that appears to be the case: http://obamacarefacts.com/medicare-insurance.php
    I do know that you’d argue with a liberal if they pointed out that a cloudless sky was blue. We are all still waiting for you to start that blog of your own!


  8. josephurban says:

    Bob…first, there is no such thing as ACA healthcare. You are either on Medicare, Medicaid or buying from a private company. A $2,000 deductible is not much. What are your monthly premiums? Have you shopped around? Do you have an individual or group plan ? is it through your employer? All of these will impact on costs….and by the way…according to a 2009 article on CostHelper Health, the cost of a surgically treated broken arm is at least $ 16,000. So, I would say your friend got quite a bargain if he had treatment and pins for only $1,800. Does he expect FREE health care?


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