Conservatives ought to stay home this November

reed women's historyBut it’s liberal incumbent Hanna (Malkin might as well have named Tom Reed) and his D.C. backers who are the elitists out of touch not only with GOP voters, but also with mainstream Americans. — Michelle Malkin

What’s the difference between Tom Reed and Richard Hanna? Hanna faced a primary challenge; Reed didn’t. Otherwise, Reed and Hanna are political twins.

Conservatives would do well to stay home this November; here’s why:

  • Tom Reed is a very liberal Republican. His Freedom Works score puts him closer to Nancy Pelosi than to many conservatives in Congress.
  • Many conservatives favor term limits. Tom Reed will have served 2+ terms. He has accomplished nothing yet and likely never will.
  • Two terms is enough time to become corrupt. Tom’s out of state support shows which special interests he serves.
  • If Tom becomes further entrenched in office, it will be many years before conservatives have a chance to vote for a candidate they like.

How did Tom Reed get the Conservative Party nomination? Is he really the candidate conservatives wanted? When will that cozy relationship end?

© William Hungerford – July 2014



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1 Response to Conservatives ought to stay home this November

  1. solodm says:

    Indeed, it seems many agree the above synopsis.
    On the “Primary Tom Reed” Facebook page in response a question I had written, I received this reply :
    ” Reed made to help further the kind of big government that the tea party is against. He voted for every single debt ceiling increase right up until this past one, which he only voted against because he knew it would pass. He voted for every continuing resolution without condition except for the defund Obamacare one, which he only voted against because he knew it would pass. The way that we know that is he didn’t sign Mark Meadow’s pledge to defund, which functioned as a de facto whip count. Reed also voted for the farm bill before we separated food stamps from it, which was a huge tea party goal. He voted for the wasteful trillion dollar omnibus bill without batting an eye. He voted for the Ryan-Murray budget that eliminated the sequester. Reed’s record as a fiscal “conservative” is extremely poor, and its a record which reflects a man who folds every time a tough vote needs to be made.

    Furthermore, from a purely libertarian perspective (which the tea party largely shares on civil liberties issues), Reed voted for NDAA, NSA spying, the Patriot Act, FISA Courts, he has no respect for civil liberties whatsoever. I would much prefer to see a Republican in the mold of Rand Paul who has a primary goal of defending our fourth amendment rights. Reed comes up incredibly short in that regard.”


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