Tom Reed flip-flops on VA Funding

flip flopTom Reed flip-flops to keep up with the GOP party line–Bill that would set $17 billion for VA reform wins praise from Tom Reed.

June 2:

According to Tom’s Press Release:

With the VA’s budget being increased by 256 percent over the last decade and staffing seeing an increase of 56 percent since September 2000, Reed says the VA faces deep-rooted cultural problems, not resource-based problems.

“The VA has received significant resource increases in funding and staffing levels, both at new highs,” Reed said. “The next phase in fixing the VA is improving care and giving veterans more choices when it comes to health care. Thousands of veterans and their families have been hurt by the negligence at the VA and we have to focus on holding those responsible accountable and making sure they are not in a position to do any further damage.”

July 29:

According to   in an article in The Buffalo News:

reed fistThe health system at the Department of Veterans Affairs would receive a $17 billion boost, and more veterans would be able to see doctors outside the VA system, under a compromise bill announced Monday that won praise from veterans in Western New York who said it would help reform the scandal-plagued bureaucracy.

Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, also added his support, saying: “These are much-needed reforms that veterans and their families are counting on us to deliver.”

Here’s more from William A Jacobson:

It began after comments Robertson made at a rally Sunday in Seneca Falls. “We see that it’s not a matter of the care that they get once they get access to the care,” said Robertson Sunday. “There’s no question that they are getting quality care and responsive care once they’re in the system. This is a problem of decades of underfunding the system altogether.

”Congressman Reed says that calling the system underfunded isn’t accurate. A Politifact article agrees.

“The VA is fully funded,” said Reed in Corning Wednesday. “They’re actually up 256% in their funding levels. Their staffing levels are up 52%. Last year they ended the year with $450 million left in the bank at the end of the year.”

The Politifact article addressed the question of whether spending had been cut, not whether it was adequate. Reed’s statement above addresses the question of whether spending had increased, again leaving the question of adequacy unanswered.

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3 Responses to Tom Reed flip-flops on VA Funding

  1. solodm says:

    Congressman Tom Reed’s recent flip flopping on the issue of veteran’s health care must stem from not caring enough to get the facts, which are readily available.

    Mental health support for troops in Iraq is actually declining; the ratio of behavioral health workers deployed to troops deployed dropped from 1 in 387 in 2004 to 1 in 734 in 2007.
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has given preliminary mental health diagnoses to more than 178,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, almost 45 percent of new
    veterans who had visited the VA for any reason. In the early years of the war, the veterans’ mental health system was simply overwhelmed by the influx, and these problems were exacerbated by disastrous VA mistakes, including a failure to project that veterans returning from the war in Iraq would increase the demand for VA mental health care.
    On November 1, 2011 up to 200,000 Vietnam Veterans became eligible to receive VA disability compensation for medical conditions recently associated with Agent Orange. The expansion of coverage involves B-cell (or hairy-cell) leukemia, Parkinson’s disease and ischemic heart disease.

    Red voted Yes to cutting SNAP benefits. Wasn’t he aware that meant “encourag[ing] states to terminate assistance to non-elderly jobless adults (and their families) who do not find work or an opening in a workfare or job training program. According to the Census data, about 120,000 veterans could be at risk of losing SNAP under this provision.

    These and many other issue’s facts should be known by a representative who has often repeated ” Our veterans and our troops must be a top priority for this Congress”.

    It appears Reed never hears himself.. On November 11, 2013, Reed writes on his “Rep. Tom Reed Facebook page ; “……..As our service men and women protect us, we to must do whatever we can to protect them when they return. To the millions of veterans and their families, thank you. We are all forever grateful.”
    Way to be “grateful” Tom.
    On a Rep Tom Reed post of May, 2013, Reed says “……….Freedom isn’t free.”
    How would he know? It certainly has been for him.

    Click to access IAVA_invisible_wounds_0.pdf


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