Is Tom Reed an Opportunist?


We must aggressively pursue an agenda of opportunity. — Rep. Tom Reed

An opportunist exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than following consistent principles or plans. Is Tom an opportunist? Let’s see:

  • Tom says the deficit is a priority, but he votes for additional spending whenever it suits him.
  • Tom says: “Caring for our veterans’ health needs must always be a top priority,” but instead of helping, Tom suggests a partisan witch hunt for those responsible for malfeasance.
  • Tom says he opposes temporary measures, but votes for them whenever the party whip asks. He opposed SNAP funding and unemployment extension saying they were temporary. In case of business taxes, he voted to  make temporary measures permanent.
  • Tom would give companies with holdings overseas a temporary tax “holiday.” The trillions of dollars held overseas could come back to the U.S. at greatly reduced tax rates. That money could be used for highway projects. Any excuse will do for another business tax break.
  • Tom seldom misses an opportunity to have his picture taken.
  • Tom joined NO LABELS, but hasn’t repudiated pledges he signed as he should. Instead he has signed more pledges.
  • Tom says he opposes waiting till the last minute to agree on legislation, but does that repeatedly.

reed hayworth

In 2011, Tom spent Christmas in the Capitol with former GOP Rep. Nan Haworth waiting at the last minute for someone else to blink.

Is Tom an opportunist? It sure looks that way. Tom seldom fails to do what’s best for Tom.


© William Hungerford – July 2014




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3 Responses to Is Tom Reed an Opportunist?

  1. Anne says:

    Nicely done piece. An opportunist, no doubt, and that always translates into his being an out-for-himselfist. I continues to baffle me that his base doesn’t see that he’s using his position for his own enrichment and gain. But I suppose the architects of GWB’s regency knew what they were doing when they wiped critical thinking skills off the K12 curricula.


  2. whungerford says:

    I see Tom is promoting opposition to Common Core–another example of opportunism.


  3. Deb meeker says:

    What does Tom Reed want?
    Is the Congressman on the hunt for more power ( membership in more committees to gloat over), more money ( since he can no longer claim revenues from R&R Recovery), or just to be re-elected and finally be assured of a fat government check for the rest of his life?
    I ask this because those of us who follow his deceptive rhetoric, and try to match it with his votes – wind up shaking our heads. Too many in the NY 23rd district must continue going to food banks, are close to losing their homes, and, had Reed had his way – would be without affordable health care insurance. Lots of self adulation, zero practicable accomplishment.
    Is Tom an opportunist? I’d say that definition fits Tom Reed very well.


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