Tom Reed’s 2011 Financial Reports

capitolWe must aggressively pursue an agenda of opportunity. — Rep. Tom Reed

On May 15, 2012, Tom Reed filed his first Financial Disclosure Statement for 2011. A year later, on May 15, 2013, apparently in response to a demand from the House Ethics Committee, he filed an amended report. Here is the data from these and two subsequent reports:

Schedule III — Assets and Unearned Income 2011, filed 5/15/12 2011 amended, 5/15/13 2012 filed 5/15/13 2013 filed 5/12/14
M&T Bank 15 to 50 ditto 1 to 15 ditto
First Heritage 1 to 15 ditto ditto
Baty St. Elmira, NY Real Estate 50 to 100 ditto ditto None, sold
NYS Retirement None
Long Branch Road Real Estate None 1 to 15 ditto ditto
Life Insurance, NW 1 to 15 ditto 15 to 50 ditto
Life Insurance, Guardian 1 to 15 ditto ditto ditto
*Fritz-Klee holdings, LLC None None, closed
*Fritz-Klee Realty, LLC None None, closed
*Bending River Estates, LLC 1 to 15 Sold
Law office of Thomas W. Reed II, PLLC 50 to 100 ditto ditto None
*Monkey Run Realty, LLC None None, closed
Mineral Rights Land Tuscarora, NY None None None None
R&R Properties 100 to 250 100 to 250, partial owner of family owned business 100 to 250 ditto
R&R Resource Recovery 250 to 500 100 to 250, partial owner of family owned business 100 to 250 ditto
IRA—Cadaret Grant 1 to 15 ditto ditto


  1. Values in thousands
  2. *–marks closed and wound down business

In addition to the list of his assets, the amended report for 2011 added a list of transactions which was not included in the original report.

Schedule IV — Transactions 2011 2011 Amended
Bending River Estates, LLC Sold, 15 to 50
R&R Properties, LLC Purchase, 50 to 100
R&R Resources, LLC Purchase, 100 to 250


  1. Values in thousands

So what was the difference between the original 2011 report filed May 15, 2012 and the amended report filed a year later? The most significant difference is the addition of Schedule IV–Transactions,  which shows the purchase of partial ownership in two “family owned” businesses. This may reflect a “wash sale”–the sale and subsequent repurchase of property for legal reasons. The whole business remains unclear.

Tom’s 2012 report filed in 2013 is much the same as the amended 2011 report filed at the same time. The 2013 report filed in 2014 disclaims any remaining interest in the Reed Law Firm, R&R Resource Recovery, and R&R Properties. It appears that Tom’s share is now held by other family members.

Tom’s 2013 report seems contradictory. One reads:

  • (Partial Owner) Family Owned Real Estate Business; Real Estate Property Holdings- Tioga Avenue Corning, NY Estimated Value–$250,000
  • (Partial Owner) Family Owned Business Providing Account and Creditor Management Services; Real Estate owned- First Street Corning, NY; Church Street Elmira, NY. Estimated Value– $250,000
  • Former Member R and R Properties, LLC
  • Former Member R and R Resource Recovery, LLC

Perhaps Tom can be a “partial owner” and a “former member” at the same time.

© William Hungerford – July 2014

May 15, 2012–Tom files his report for 2011

Click to access N00030949_2011.pdf

May 16, 2012–Tom files an amendment adding his trips to Taiwan and Korea

Click to access N00030949_2011_a.pdf

March 8, 2013–Tom applies to the Ethics Committee for a delay in filing an amendment to his 2011 report.

Click to access N00030949_2011_X.pdf

May 15, 2013–Tom files an amendment for 2011

Click to access N00030949_2011_a2.pdf

Click to access N00030949_2012.pdf

Click to access N00030949_2013.pdf

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1 Response to Tom Reed’s 2011 Financial Reports

  1. Anne says:

    Interesting that he needed more time to file an amendment, the same way he always appears to need more time to pay his personal taxes. What is it with this guy and money? For someone who pursues money the way this guy does, he surely doesn’t seem to be able to handle it very well.


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