Why the GOP is known as the “Stupid Party.”

stupid partyOne of the things I will talk about that no President has talked about before is I think the dangers of contraception in this country.–Rick Santorum

“I don’t care what they do.”–John Boehner

I believe Paul Krugman named the GOP the “Stupid Party.” Krugman was probably thinking of some politicians’ wacko views on Economics. I can see why. Tom Reed, who is not an economist, claimed that he could tell at a glance that everything Paul Krugman ever wrote is wrong. Reed likes to say that children will someday have to pay back the national debt. When pressed, he admits that has never happened and won’t, but he goes right on saying it again and again.

Republicans know that opposition to immigration reform is killing them at the polls. They would like to solve this problem, but can’t. Whenever they try, Fox leads an off-key chorus singing “No Amnesty,” which agitates their base.

Republicans know that opposition to family planning hurts them, but if they relax their hard line, the base erupts:

  • Prospective GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says that contraception is wrong.
  • Failed GOP Senate candidate Todd Aiken takes back his apology reaffirming his theory of “legitimate rape,” rubbing salt in the GOP’s wounds.

What else:

  • Republicans can’t drop their die-hard opposition to Obamacare, which serves the needs of more and more Americans.
  • Republicans complain about illegal immigrants, but refuse President Obama’s request for needed funds.
  • Republicans complain about deficit spending, but appropriate even more money for Defense than the Pentagon wants.
  • Republicans block a much-needed increase in the minimum wage.
  • Republicans block common-sense firearm regulations favored by an overwhelming majority of Americans.

stupid1Krugman’s charge rings true: the GOP deserves to be known as the stupid party. However, the GOP could change for the better. As Leonard Pitts noted in his column titled “Aiken’s back, talking rape again” there may be as many as four adults left in the GOP. If they would purge the wackos, they might hope to recover some of their lost respectability at least among the gullible.

© William Hungerford – July 2014








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12 Responses to Why the GOP is known as the “Stupid Party.”

  1. solodm says:

    Does the GOP believe they are the ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ at Balaclava?
    James Bosworth, a station-master at Northam, was run over and killed by a railway engine. At the time of his death he was 70 years old and in his younger days was one of those who had fought at the Battle of Balaclava and survived.
    His epitaph as listed below referenced both his presence in the Battle of Balaclava and the poem:
    “Though shot and shell flew around fast,
    On Balaclava’s plain,
    Unscathed he passed, to fall at last,
    Run over by a train.”

    Either that, or perhaps the coyote depicted in the Looney Tunes “Roadrunner” cartoons?



  2. Anne says:

    There’s that whole anti-science platform, too.


  3. Anne says:

    Weapons-grade stupid.


  4. Jimmy Henry says:

    One of many examples of liberal stupidity. Ladies and gentleman, Congressman Hank Johnson who was believe it or not reelected despite these comments.


  5. Jimmy Henry says:

    Are my comments being blocked?


  6. BOB McGILL says:

    more than likely 🙂


  7. Anne says:

    I’m seeing them.


  8. whungerford says:

    Mr. Henry’s video (above) was identified as spam by the spam checker. Anyone not seeing their postings should let us know.


  9. solodm says:

    If we’re going to play videos, grab a bag of popcorn, settle in for the first installment of a drama queen Congressman Tom Reed make an embarrassing clown of himself, while “questioning” ( read lecturing) the Acting Commissioner Steven Miller at the House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the IRS.
    Mr Reed was one of those who was going to “get to the bottom” of this * scandal * – and prove himself invaluable to the wacko faction of the Tea Party faction, by “taking it all the way to the White House”.
    To this day Mr. Reed has not enlightened us on the ” who, what, where, and when” as he promised.


  10. BOB McGILL says:

    AW,COME ON, i have been deleted a bunch of times. Willy hates to be proven wrong 🙂


  11. solodm says:

    Discussion 101: using smiley faces after a complaint or a cry for being taken seriously, will defeat the purpose.


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