Tom Reed’s campaign spending

reed head cockedOh! Father and Mother pay all the bills,
And we have all the fun,
In the friendly rivalry of college life, Hooray!
And we have to figure a helluva lot,
To tell what we have done,
With the coin we blew at dear ole’ Michigan!

“I Want to Go Back to Michigan”–Anonymous


Tom Reed must be figuring a helluva lot these days to see how he prematurely blew his campaign stash. This June he reported spending $228,636, much of it out-of-state. He is on track to spend millions. What is he spending so much on, one wonders? Here are the top expenses:

  • $123,325, Smart Media Group, Alexandria, VA, 2014-06-11, Advertising: Media Buy
  •  $14,200, Red Print Strategy, Arlington, VA, 2014-06-15, Advertising: Video Production
  • $13,310, Bellwether Consulting, Mount Pleasant, SC,  2014-06-06, Fundraising: PAC fundraising
  •  $11,233, Roland-Kelly Inc, Marco Island, FL, 2014-06-15, Political Strategic Consulting

How many votes has Tom influenced with this spending? It would be interesting to know. Tom’s polling may tell him, but he is unlikely to share that information. One thing is clear–a significant part of the money was spent trying to raise even more.

© William Hungerford – July 2014



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4 Responses to Tom Reed’s campaign spending

  1. Susan says:

    And NONE with businesses in his district???or state!


  2. Deb Meeker says:

    How fitting the poem!
    Sad, however, as much as he spent on Media and PR groups, his photos and ads still come across as smarmy. It’s either the Cheshire cat grin, or the deeply concerned furrowed brow.
    For all Reed’s demands that we all go without, on the sequester ride of our lives – he sure spent a lot of money trying to make himself palatable. It’s not working.


  3. Susan says:

    Oh, the Royal WE! I don’t have tv so I’ve been spared the spectacle.


  4. Susan says:

    In the itemized list, he did spend some NYS money…and at WalMart, of course.


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