Tom Reed’s party

voteIs Tom Reed a liberal Republican, or is his true allegiance to the tea party. It is hard to tell; his spokesperson insists that he is unaffiliated with any tea party groups. However the tea party group, Americans United for Change, claims him as their own, or at least as a fellow-traveler. They write:

Although not officially a Tea Party candidate, Reed courted the movement in his first run for Congress in 2010 and repaid their support by standing with the Tea Party far more often than not. Without the parochial votes for aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy, his score jumps to 80%, perhaps a truer picture of his loyalties.

Check out his tea party scorecard at the link below.


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5 Responses to Tom Reed’s party

  1. josephurban says:

    I listen as little as possible to what Congressmen of any party say. I just look at how they vote. I know Mr Reed has voted over and over to take away the health care benefits of the ACA. He also votes consistently against women’s rights and is opposed to the government purchasing drugs at reduced rates for Medicare patients, thereby keeping drug costs high. I know his website tries to make him seem like a defender of the elderly, pro education, etc. Don’t be fooled. “Watch what I do, not what I say.”


  2. Anne says:

    I don’t think the word ‘parochial’ means what they think it means.


  3. whungerford says:

    They may mean to imply that Reed get’s a bye for supporting a bill of local importance as if area devastated by Sanday were no more than a parish.


  4. pystew says:

    In May, 2011, Rep. Reed had a Town Hall Meet ‘Sponsored’ by the local Tea Party (the Finger Lakes Patriots), in the Town of Benton in Yates County. I was there. According to the news article there was 50 people there, which is a lot more other Reed’s Yates County Town Halls. Before the Town Hall began the Tea Party had a bake sale and sold raffles tickets while Joe, Reed’ side-kick, passed out the forms to write down possible questions/topic for the meeting. The Town Hall Meeting started not only with the Pledge of Allegiance, but a reading of the Tea Party Core Values and a prayer.

    Although the Chronicle Express mentioned the Tea Party in the headline of their article on the meeting they didn’t bring them up in the body.

    It doesn’t matter what Rep. Reed says, he and the Tea Party have a symbiotic relationship; they benefit from each other.


  5. solodm says:

    Follow Tom Reed through his activities – Chamber of Commerce meetings, Town Halls, visits to farms and schools, then on to a visit to a solar panel manufacturing site. What you will never see – is exactly what you need to look for – Tom Reed visiting a fracking site, backroom meetings with big money donors: energy corps., real estate moguls, and medical drug companies.

    Tom Reed is a chameleon. One thing he has learned very well ( and with the protection of his party having control of the Ethics Committee) in the beltway, is how to let nothing stick to him.

    Here’s another view of Reed’s standing in a different political sphere:


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