Tom Reed’s narrow base

ithacaHow many voters can Tom Reed afford to offend?

Maybe all the liberals in Ithaca can afford Martha Robertson’s high taxes and wasteful spending but families in the rest of Western New York sure can’t.–Tom Reed

Normally politicians seek the middle to appeal to as many constituents as possible. One would think that Tom Reed, a moderate to liberal Republican running in a liberal state would move to the middle to widen his base. Paradoxically, Tom Reed seems willing to offend and alienate large numbers of voters. Tom’s record and remarks ought to offend all of these:

    • Anyone who hopes for a secure retirement, especially seniors.
    • Anyone benefiting from affordable health care.
    • Youth who would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage.
    • Women
    • Minorities
    • Those struggling with high interest on student loans.
    • The unemployed and underemployed.
    • Those on food stamps.
    • Environmentalists
    • Democrats
    • Anyone living in Tompkins County, 14% of his district in population.

hire-meWho is left? Angry white males, but many of them consider Reed to be a RINO–their support is weak and could easily evaporate. When Reed’s ideological twin, Rep. Hanna (R-NY22) faced a right-wing opponent, Republicans had no problem finding bad things to say about him. But Tom Reed, who has no opponent on the right, gets a bye.

reed frowning

Rep. Tom Reed

Normally, one would expect a two term congressman to run on his record, but Reed can’t do that–practically, he has none. Thus, Reed’s campaign strategy is to discredit his opponent, Martha Robertson, by any means fair or foul, hoping that Republican voters, however distasteful they find it, will feel they have no choice but him.


© William Hungerford – July 2014



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4 Responses to Tom Reed’s narrow base

  1. Henry Kramer says:

    Hungerford’s statement is positively Orwellian. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but not your own facts. Tom Reed is the best hope for jobs for the people of the 23rd because his policies and positions favor job development and oppose new taxes and new regulations, things that impede growth in NY. Meanwhile, Robertson basks in stopping energy development, with its high paying jobs, from taking place in the western southern tier. That may sell in Ithaca but people across the tier know better. Hungerford says Reed is trying to discredit his opponent, on the contrary Reed runs on his record, it is Robertson who tries to discredit Reed with mythical claims of website hacking. She can’t run on her record, it won’t sell outside Tompkins, so being desperate, she has to attack Reed’s character. This from the person who sits behind a 100K desk, who had the shoulders of her own road painted green, and who took pay as Legislative Chair for a period before she was elected to the post. Republicans enjoy a four point registration edge in the 23rd, come November, Hungerford will find out that Republicans will not vote for leftist Robertson and her job destroying policies or stay home to elect her. They will vote for Tom Reed who hears and represents the authentic voice of the western southern tier.


  2. whungerford says:

    I can rest my case. Except for the unsupported claim that opposing new taxes and new regulations creates jobs, Henry Kramer’s remarks are nothing but insults and exaggerations. Tom Reed complained yesterday that Martha Robertson used Democratic talking points, but here Mr. Kramer quotes from the RNCC playbook.


  3. Deb Meeker says:

    Mr. Kramer, the “authentic voice of the Southern Tier” is speaking by sending donations to Martha Robertson, not to the authentic voice of the corporate welfare kings – Tom Reed.


  4. Barbara Griffin says:

    “Robertson basks in stopping energy development”…like fracking the Southern Tier, I assume. Good for Robertson! Green energy development can create good paying jobs also…without ruining the Southern Tier. Tom is a fossil fuel man, as we all know.


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