Reed to focus on jobs, he says

martha3An article on Martha Roberson’s and Tom Reed’s dueling press conferences by reporter Ray Finger appeared in the Elmira Star-Gazette on July third. Tom Reed had scheduled a press conference at the same time as Martha Robertson’s. Ray Finger wrote:

I think what we’re seeing here is just a regurgitation of the Democratic politics out of Washington, D.C., of attack and character assassination,” he (Reed)said.

Reed is shameless in talking about character assassination. As Bob McGill might say, he does it all the time. Reed’s views don’t mirror Republican politics out of Washington, D.C.? Who knew?

“It’s all just political theater. And here we are talking today about jobs and creating jobs in the district and across the state and across the country,” Reed said Wednesday. “That’s what I’m going to focus on, and that’s what we’re going to draw contrast between her and I in this campaign going forward.”

GOP AgendaIf Reed would focus on jobs, that would be a welcome change. Till now he has focused on painting his opponent, Martha Robertson, as a wild-eyed Tompkins county liberal. Reed is clueless on jobs–his only idea is to rescind environmental regulations as if that would help.

Earlier, Reed was praising the Roofing Efficiency Act that he said would create an estimated 40,000 new jobs and encourage energy efficiency once implemented.

The depreciation schedule of roofs in the commercial sector generally spans a 39-year period, while in reality, it is 17 years, he said. If depreciation schedule is changed to 17 years, it would allow businesses to take deductions more quickly and give them more capital that they can put into expanding their businesses, he said.

Bill Fischer, CEO of Evans Roofing Co., said they appreciate Reed’s position and leadership on the bill.

“It makes a lot of sense to marry the depreciation schedule and tax policy to the longevity of roofs. It will definitely add jobs to our anemic economy, and it will provide that incentive that building owners need to add insulation to their roofs and comply with the building codes,” he said. “It’s a win-win for everybody, and we should have done it a long time ago.”

boehnerWhat Reed didn’t mention is that even though he is a Republican, bills he supports like many others are blocked by Republican obstruction in the House. The Roofing Bill, like the RAMI bill which Reed says has wide bipartisan support, will not come to a vote because Republican misleaders just say NO to almost everything.


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