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Bill Moyers Photo Essay: Dryden, the Town that Changed the Fracking Game

This photo essay was produced by Earthjustice, an environmental law nonprofit that represented the town of Dryden, New York, near Ithaca, as the town sought to defend its zoning laws banning drilling. The state‚Äôs high court recently ruled in favor … Continue reading

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Five Powerful Men v. Reproductive Freedom

On Monday, five powerful men, a majority of the Supreme Court, restricted the reproductive freedom of women. All of these men were appointed to their positions by Republican presidents. In the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision, the court held that … Continue reading

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Perks, Oversea Jobs and Increased Taxes for Middle Class & Seniors

  Martha Robertson released the following statement on Rep. Reed’s record of “looking out for himself rather than the people of the 23rd District.” She mentions his votes to extend taxpayer supported perks, votes that shift benefits to those who … Continue reading

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