Two Clinton critics who changed their minds.

ImageThere is an interesting article on Hillary Clinton in the June 2 issue of The New Yorker. Published under the heading “Annals of Communication,” it is titled “The Hillary Show,” and subtitled “Can Hillary Clinton and the media learn to get along?” The author is Ken Auletta. The theme of the article is Hillary Clinton’s challenge to “meet the press” if she chooses to run for President, but I found a lesser matter interesting: two Clinton enemies who changed their minds.

The first is David Brock who worked at the American Spectator in 1992. Brock started to dig up dirt on the Clintons for the magazine immediately after the 1992 election. In a 1994 article, Brock quoted four Arkansas state troopers who claimed they had assisted then Governor Clinton with assignations. The story grew into “Troopergate” and eventually led Ken Starr to uncover Monica Lewinski. In 1997, the troopers gave evidence under oath that did not bear out their earlier story.  By 1998, Brock had renounced his story. Later he published “Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative.” In 2004 Brock founded “Media Matters for America.” Finally, Auletta writes: “In 2010, he (Brock, now a friend of the Clintons) founded American Bridge, a PAC whose aim is to elect liberal Democrats and do opposition research on Republican candidates.”

The second is Chris Ruddy. In 1997, Ruddy published a book: “The Strange Death of Vincent Foster.” In 1998 he founded a conservative web-site: News Max. But by 2008, Ruddy had warmed to the Clintons put off in part by GWB’s invasion of Iraq. Auletta writes that Ruddy told him in 2016 that his first choice for President would be Jeb Bush. “He’s not the party of NO.” About Hillary Clinton: “I do think she would make a good President.”

© William Hungerford – June 2014

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