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Huge Victory for Individual Freedom Based on an obscure 1994 law intended to protect Native American burial sites, in a narrow 5-4 decision with all three female justices opposed, the Supreme Court rules that certain employers can make healthcare decisions … Continue reading

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Martha Robertson explains her views

“The most important investment a community–and a family–can make is in education. From preschool through community college and beyond, education is key to growing families, growing communities, and growing economies. Strong schools attract people to a region, and encourage them … Continue reading

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Preschool for children with developmental disabilities

Able 2 in Elmira will end operations of its Children’s Services Preschool Program this year. The agency said it can “no longer afford to subsidize the losses of operating the program” which has been in operation since 1970. Tom Reed … Continue reading

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Our Representative’s work

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Export Import Bank, Part 2

Has the tea party wing of the GOP found a new bugaboo: crony capitalism. In an article titled “Long-building conservative anger at Export-Import Bank reaches boiling point,” authors  Zachary Goldfarb and Holly Yeager write: What began as a pet issue for a handful … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers in Film and Books

The Koch Brothers have been quietly involved with changing the direction of our governmental system for the pass four or five decades. Americans are just beginning to recognize their names, and most of us are unfamiliar with the impact they … Continue reading

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Do two clueless people know more than either one alone?

Sometimes your arguments make NO sense at all !!!!!!!! — Bob McGill Nov. 23, 1013. Bob McGill is “New NY 23rd’s” most avid reader and frequent critic NPR’s Car Talk recently addressed the question: do two clueless persons know more … Continue reading

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Which is it Tom Reed, improve or repeal?

On June 19, Tom Reed wrote: Honored to receive the Council for Affordable Health Coverage’s (CAHC) first annual Affordability Champion Award for working on bipartisan solutions to hold down health care costs. Pictured here with Joel White, President of CAHC. … Continue reading

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Excitement in NY-22

On Tuesday, incumbent Republican Richard Hanna will face a tea party challenge in NY-22. Hanna was expected to win easily, but Cantor’s loss in VA has emboldened the tea party element among Republicans enough that they hope for victory.  If … Continue reading

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More on Reed’s Half Truths

Bill Hungerford had already commented on a particular nasty piece of campaign literature our congressman, Tom Reed, sent out last week. Martha Robertson is an “extreme Ithaca liberal,” Tom said. But there is nothing extreme in any of Martha’s positions, … Continue reading

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