Corporate Rights #3: The Hobby Lobby Fact Sidestep

This is the 3rd and (probably) final isn a series examining the Hobby Lobby Supreme Count Case.

The Old Liberal

A third aspect of the Hobby Lobby case bears mention. This is covered quite extensively in a March 21, 2014 article from Mother Jones (Are You there God? It’s Me, Hobby Lobby by Stephanie Mencimer). The article points out a couple of problems with the Green family claims. I call them Fact Sidesteps. (Picture a Vaudevillian with a cane shuffling off stage right)

Fact Sidestep 1. Hobby LObby claims as fact that it has longstanding, strong religious objections to covering IUDs and Plan B contraceptives. But, in fact,  Hobby Lobby HAD been covering these two contraceptives BEFORE the ACA was passed and implemented. The questions becomes: How sincere are the religious beliefs of this corporation/family? Did they have a new revelation from god AFTER the ACA was approved? Nice little shuffle.

Fact Sidestep 2: Hobby Lobby wants to deny covering these contraceptives as part of an overall health plan for…

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4 Responses to Corporate Rights #3: The Hobby Lobby Fact Sidestep

  1. whungerford says:

    In George Will’s column on Michigan Senate candidate, Republican Terri Lynn Land, titled “Michigan offers GOP counter to Democrats’ hysterics” in today’s local Gannett papers, Will accuses Democrats of raising false alarms about the GOP “war on women,” equates contraception with abortion, suggests women ought to pay for their health care needs out of pocket, and then links women’s concerns to hysterics, a word that occurs several time in the column as well as in the title. Does Will even know that hysterics is a word to avoid?

    Will thinks Michigan might elect Land who shares his views and is supported by Americans for Prosperity (Koch). Will Michigan voters see Obamacare as the enemy and the Keystone Pipeline as their salvation? Is Will right in suggesting that all the GOP needs do to win women’s votes is to run a female candidate and talk about hysterics? That’s almost hysterical..


  2. BOB McGILL says: Cached
    The Senate election may be the GOP … Evidence that former Michigan secretary of state Terri Lynn Land might end this GOP drought … © 1996-The Washington Post;
    maybe everyone should read it for themselves 🙂


  3. BOB McGILL says:

    as for the Keystone pipeline, from the maps that I’ve seen, most of it is already in place. It seems the intent is to connect existing pipelines. There are 2.5 million MILES of pipeline in the US, what’s a few more going to do ?


  4. BOB McGILL says:… Cached
    (Map of proposed Keystone XL pipeline, and others.) Obama got pressured by Democrats in the Senate to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, an arduously long …



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