Wedge Issues


Wedge issues serve to split a political party or constituency. Republican Rep. Tom Reed spends much time talking about NYS matters having little to do with his office. Probably he sees these as wedge issues.


Examples include:

    • NYS SAFE Act
    • Fracking
    • Power plant conversion to burn natural gas
    • Hospital closures
    • Monterey Prison
    • College for prison inmates

Tom may consider these to be useful as issues that serve to divide Democrats. The Republican propaganda campaign against Obamacare is another potential wedge issue: even though AHC is Federal law, Congress can do little but talk about it at this time.

What issues might divide Republicans:

    • Government shutdown
    • Default
    • NSA spying
    • Intervention in foreign conflicts
    • Investment in America
    • Unemployment benefits
    • Minimum wage
    • Farm bill
    • Jobs program
    • Education/Common Core
    • Medicare and Social Security
    • SNAP
    • Student Loans
    • Transportation bill
    • Immigration reform
    • Spending for domestic programs
    • Women’s concerns

Martha Robertson discussed investment, jobs, education, as well as Medicare and Social Security in her recent viewpoints article.  It will be interesting to see what she may chose to discuss next.

NY-23 politics may have specific parochial issues: fracking is one. Another may be outdoor activities. Tom has been posing as a sportsman with clear intent to lay claim to that group of voters.

© William Hungerford – March 2014

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10 Responses to Wedge Issues

  1. BOB McGILL says:

    WOW, she didn’t say anything and whungerford thinks Martha is wonderful. At least she stopped saying we should burn trash at Lansing. There will be no money for roads and bridges sometime in 2015 because the federal highway fund is supposed to runout of money. Like most politicians she doesn’t say “HOW ” she intends to do anything, she gives no details or viable plan. Martha is just being cautious because she made some real blunders early on. She is finding out that the voters are a lot smarter than her kindergarten classes.


  2. BOB McGILL says:…/commentary/boomers-fleece-generation-x-social-security‎CachedSimilar
    By 2016, so many people will be drawing Social Security that the money needed
    … benefits will be more than what we Gen-X/Y workers will be paying in taxes. …
    So, just as we’re about to collect Social Security, there will be nothing left in the …


  3. BOB McGILL says:

    Gotta love this part “Wedge issues serve to split a political party or constituency. Republican Rep. Tom Reed spends much time talking about NYS matters having little to do with his office. Probably he sees these as wedge issues “.
    COME ON ! you guys ask Tom questions about these matters at every town hall meeting !!!!!!1
    RIGHT, pystew ? 🙂


  4. whungerford says:

    One reason people ask Tom about these state issues is he keeps bringing them up. For example, Monterey is currently at the top of his facebook timeline. Another reason is that the House likes to pass bills restricting states’ rights to protect the environment.


  5. BOB McGILL says:

    do you have your head on backwards ? Let me warn you of something– I do not spend a lot of time searching the internet, trying to prove you wrong. I already know you are wrong and it takes but a few seconds to find a credible site with enough information to totally destroy anything you say. Besides it’s FUN making you look like a FOOL !! 🙂


  6. Barbara Griffin says:

    Bob, again you’re posing links that are not accessible. Nonetheless, Social Security could be easily funded by lifting the cap. Even raising the cap to $250,000 would be helpful, would still place most of the burden on the middle class, and wouldn’t effect your rich friends at the top.
    Wedge issues also serve to split our country…between the dedicated Fox News watchers/right wing talk show listeners, and those of us who are more diverse when it comes to information gathering and critical thought. Those are my opinions, and as a regular follower of this blog, I would ask that you state your opinions in a more civilized manner without all the hatred and name calling.


  7. BOB McGILL says:

    MY “the hatred and name calling.” ? You’re obviously like the rest of the Democrats on here, blame someone else for what you are doing yourself.
    As for SS there is nothing but a bunch of IOU’s in the fund because the money has been used for other purposes.
    “At the end of 2012, the Trust Fund was valued at $2.7 trillion, up $54 billion from 2011. The Trust Fund consists of the accumulated surplus of program revenues less expenditures. In other words, $2.7 trillion more Social Security payroll taxes have been collected than have been used to pay Social Security beneficiaries; the program has more than fully funded itself.[3] The fund contains non-marketable Treasury securities backed “by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.” The funds borrowed from the program are part of the total national debt of $16.8 trillion as of April 2013.[4 ”

    If the links don’t work TTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD, are you still to LAZY to re-type them and do a search yourself. whungerford just BLOWS THEM OFF anyway with his personal opinions. He thinks some liberal bias newspaper is a credible source!


  8. BOB McGILL says:

    If the debt ceiling is raised and the government is allowed to barrow more money, where do you think they will go first ? You got it the Social Security Trust Fund. If the SS cap IS raised will the benefit also go up—-NO ! You will just say rich people don’t need it.
    A host organism overrun with parasites will die, but so will the parasites !


  9. whungerford says:

    The debt ceiling was raised, and money hasn’t been taken from any trust fund. If the SS cap were raised, that would help pay for benefits for those who need them, not to provide unneeded benefits for others. There may be parasites: taxpayers who hide money overseas, businesses that receive unneeded subsidies, and persons with salaries that are unreasonably high.


  10. BOB McGILL says:

    YET !!!!! 🙂


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