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Are all things best left alone?

In Candide, Voltaire explores the idea that the status quo represents the best of all possible worlds. Candide’s adventures suggest that the status quo may be anything but good. In his column Saturday, March 1, in the Elmira Star-Gazette (“As … Continue reading

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Could the CBO Be Wrong?

Lately, our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed has taken to citing figures from reports by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to bolster his Tea Party positions. He’s referred to a CBO projection that interest on the national debt will amount $880 … Continue reading

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Wackos and RINOs–an odd couple

The GOP is locked in an unhappy union between Wackos and RINOs, libertarians and moderates. The might have split up years ago but stay together for sake of political power–the power of NO. The two groups have little in common. Wackos … Continue reading

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