How will Tom Reed woo woman voters?


The gender electoral gap is important elsewhere, and probably here in NY 23 as well. Without polling data, no one knows how NY 23rd women will vote. Tom has had some missteps:

    • Missed VAWA vote
    • Seneca Falls Forum
    • H.R.7
    • SNAP
    • Unemployment
    • Minimum Wage
    • What else?

These must have set Tom back.  How will he respond?  Certainly not with a change of mind. Look for phony endorsements, possibly from the Independent Women’s Forum. Look for “bipartisan” bills, doomed to die in committee.  What else?  Time will tell.

© William Hungerford – February 2014

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6 Responses to How will Tom Reed woo woman voters?

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    This from Emily’s List: “Rep. Tom Reed consistently votes to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care. He cosponsored the House version of the Blunt Amendment, which would have allowed insurers and employers to cut off coverage of any health care they disagreed with on moral or religious grounds. He also joined Rep. Kline in cosponsoring HR 217. Reed should not be making health care decisions for the women in his district.”

    Voted to prevent consideration of Paycheck Fairness Act (HR 377)
    Has a 100% rating by the National Right to Life Committee, and
    has a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood.
    While not necessarily specific only to women, Reed’s strident opposition to new Federal gun regulation law, helps put more women and children at risk :
    In 2010, 52 percent of female homicide victims killed by men were shot and killed with a gun. Female intimate partners are more likely to be murdered with a firearm than all other means combined. Women suffering from domestic violence are eight times more likely to be killed if there
    are firearms in the home.

    On a lighter note, please never put the words “Tom Reed” and “woo” in the same sentence again..


  2. Barbara Girffin says:

    No self respecting woman should EVER vote Republican.


  3. whungerford says:

    One would think these issues would be important to voters, but maybe not. Tom Reed acts as if he believes political spin, photo ops, and negative ads will carry the election for him.


  4. solodm says:

    Well, Barbara, there are plenty of them out there, and they believe Congressman Reed’s doing a good job. They may be uneducated, or have a college degree. They may have a 1950’s attitude or be devout Catholics and stand with his healthcare choices for women.
    But, no matter what the reason a woman would vote for Reed and his ilk, there must be two more of us who vote his opponent into office.


  5. whungerford says:

    I predict many more pictures of Tom posing with women and children. One such appeared on his facebook page today.


  6. Deb Meeker says:

    Sure, all warm and fuzzy and grinning like a fool.


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