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Do something for America – Hire an Older Person

The following letter was written by Theodore A. Farley, Jr of Geneva. It was published in the Finger Lakes Times o Sunday, February 16. We are publishing it with the permission of the author. As our nation and Congress continue … Continue reading

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Export-Import Bank of the United States

Since 1934, the United States has had an Export-Import Bank. The bank is reauthorized every two years, usually with little fanfare. This year may be different, however. Here is what the bank says about itself: The Export-Import Bank of the … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed Complains About Debt, But His Solutions Help Only the Rich

In last week’s email to constituents, our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed, complained about the national debt again. Reed pointed to a recent Congressional Budget Office report, The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2014-2024, which projects that annual interest on the national … Continue reading

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Dave Camp on Tax Reform

An article by Rep. Dave Camp  (R-MI) titled “How to Fix Our Appalling Tax Code” appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Feb. 25.  A heading notes: “Every year Americans spend more than six billion hours and $168 billion to file … Continue reading

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Rep. Raúl Rafael Labrador (R-ID)

Rep. Raúl Rafael Labrador (R-ID) represents Idaho’s 1st congressional district. A libertarian and tea party favorite, he is frequently promoted as the next Speaker of the House.  He appeared on “Meet the Press” this month and answered some questions: Congressman, you didn’t … Continue reading

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Brave or Foolish?

Some say smokers are brave. Knowingly, fearlessly facing early and unpleasant death, they remain calm and carefree.  Ought we celebrate their bravery or shake our heads at the foolishness? Similarly, Libertarians would take great risks with our economy. Experts say … Continue reading

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The GOP reforms itself

Kathleen Parker, in a column printed today in the Elmira Star-Gazette, tells us there is a new GOP. The GOP is no longer the party of NO. The GOP is now unified around a positive program–repeal Obamacare! Her evidence–the vote … Continue reading

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Thank You, Obamacare

The following letter was written by Brad Prozeller of Waterloo, New York, and was published in the Finger Lakes Times on February 16. We publish it with  Mr. Prozeller’s permission. To the Editor: Most of the criticism I have heard … Continue reading

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A Conversation with an Insurance Agent

There has never been a fire in my neighborhood since I moved here. Look, there is a hydrant just across the street. My house is pretty much fireproof, and my family is very careful. Can’t you give me a lower … Continue reading

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