Rep. Reed Says Extended Unemployment Benefits Should Expire

surprise-lucille-ballCandidate for Congress Martha Robertson calls on Congressman Tom Reed to stop hurting jobless New Yorkers, and take action to extend long term unemployment insurance now.

 DRYDEN, NY – Incumbent Congressman Tom Reed is poised once again to reject bipartisan compromise to move our economy forward. As he has done repeatedly, Reed is ignoring the economic realities of his own district and is blocking a bipartisan plan to extend unemployment insurance to our hardest hit New York families.

“Congressman Tom Reed should recognize a problem that is all around him, such as the 7.9% unemployment rate in his home county of Steuben, the worst in this Congressional district. Ignoring the plight of his own neighbors, Congressman Reed has been calling for an end to long term unemployment insurance, which shows just how out of touch he is with the lives of the New Yorkers he represents. Congressman Reed has abandoned middle class families and continues to stifle any chance for economic recovery, as failing to extend this vital lifeline will cost 200,000-300,000 more jobs in the economy,” said candidate for Congress Martha Robertson.


(The chart is the undemployment rate of the counties of the NY 23rd Congressional District, as of November, 2013. It was taken from the site listed below. You can find information about other counties by following the link, and look for “Unemployment Rate Rankings by Region, MSA, and County.” –pystew)

Rank In State County Unemployment Rate
1 Tompkins 4.4
6 Yates 5.4
11 Ontario 5.7
13 Seneca 5.8
28 Allegany 6.8
28 Schuyler 6.8
33 Tioga 6.9
41 Cattaraugus 7.3
41 Chautauqua 7.3
41 Chemung 7.3
51 Steuben 7.9

Unemployment data:

Rep. Reed Says Extended Unemployment Benefits Should Expire:


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3 Responses to Rep. Reed Says Extended Unemployment Benefits Should Expire

  1. whungerford says:

    Tom’s arguments are full of holes. Tom says: “This is a package that … was meant to be temporary …” but so what? It was to be temporary because the need was supposed to be temporary. As the need persists, the program should continue.
    Further, Tom says “government can’t continue these huge government spending programs indefinitely …” and again this is nonsense. It isn’t suggested that they need to be continued indefinitely — longer as needed is different from indefinitely.

    Reed says the extended benefits are a significant cost to small businesses, and that may be true, but ending them will be a significant loss to many and another hurt to economic recovery. And Tom seems to have forgotten that those attending his small business forum in Seneca Falls disagreed.


  2. solodm says:

    Recently, Rep. Reed suggested Martha Robertson didn’t share Western New York’s ‘values’ the way Reed says he does. Looking at the NY 23rd map, coupled with the list of counties and their respective unemployment rates; leaves one to believe Reed’s idea of values may be more out of touch with Western NY than he could imagine. There are a lot of constituents in Western NY, that really need those unemployment checks that Reed is so callous about cutting.
    Martha Robertson has called for renewing unemployment checks for all of NY 23rd. Wonder which person the unemployed feel is more in touch with their values?


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