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Federal Government: Salvation of the South

Thanks to NPR for pointing to an important article on how malaria was eliminated in the American south. Authors Daniel Sledge of the University of Texas and George Mohler of Santa Clara University, write in the August 2013 issue of … Continue reading

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Low Income Heating Improvement Act

Low Income Heating Improvement Act Robs Peter to pay Paul Three years ago on Nov. 21, 2011, Tom Read announced his plan to introduce the “Low Income Heating Improvement Act” H.R. 3574 (112th Congress). The bill, he wrote, will ensure that LIHEAP … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed Enjoying What He Would Deny Others

The following is a letter to the editor, written by Carolyn Schaeffer, chair of the Yates County Democratic Commitee. It has been submitted to some district newspapers. Once again we see that Tom Reed’s actions do not match his rhetoric.  … Continue reading

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